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Post news RSS Stargate : The Last Stand - Oneil Inbound. June 08

Stargate : The Last Stand is a Mod for Half-Life 2 based on the Popular Stargate TV Series. This update includes exciting news on the creation of InterWave Studios, a range of our best screenshots new and old and great news of the progression the mod has made.

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I know news has been a little scarce this last month but with a grueling exam period over the team are finally beginning to return to life as usual.

The mapping department have been churning out some truly impressive stuff. With the unstoppable combined power of Major C4, Brophis and Brechtos producing some formidable content.

The screenshots have not been blurred to emphasize the WIP

Some final shots of major C4's SGC with lighting complements of brechtos

User Posted Image User Posted Image

The city of the ancients, just waiting to be explored

User Posted Image User Posted Image

The various space vessels you will probably end up on during the game progress

User Posted Image User Posted Image

And some beautiful shots of Brechtos masterpiece Abydos in all its glory

We have some very exciting news this month, we have recently joined forces with interwave studios (the people behind steamfriends) to help really speed up the project. so welcome to our new IW team members. Click Here to visit our new website and check out the team members.

Throughout the last month there has been so much going on it's hard to list it all, merging with InterWave Studios, going over documentation, meetings, and source code updating and improving upon. Much code had to be rewritten and it now is firmly within the Orange Box with basic functionality, and new features are being added daily such as several new systems like a wave based spawning system and capture-points for our objective gamemode. And next month we will have the finished weapons to show you and maybe even a quick video.

A little news from the audio front. Stargate isnt just about shooting and killing the Goauld although we will all admit that that is mighty fun!. I wanted to reflect some of the exploration side of Stargate in the music for the game. So just a quick sneak peek at one of the tracks tls_village. Based on the medieval village often seen in many episodes i believe captures this spirit of the moment.

Click Here to download it
(it ends funny because its an ingame loop)

Well that's all folks for this week. Expect the next news within a couple of weeks, if you visit regually and havent managed to register on the forums yet try having a little look on there, there are lots of little hidden gems of information for you to find.

Also we have established a Steam Community Group, and IRC Channel, they are as follows:
IRC: #stargatetls on GameSurge (irc.gamesurge.net:6667)
Steam Community: Steamcommunity.com

cheers Foeaxe Out

KingSpartan - - 141 comments

great news

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KingSpartan - - 141 comments

plus i am really starting to like that song ;)

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FJS - - 839 comments

Good news. The media its just awsome.

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RogerRamjet - - 1,564 comments

Improving all the time guys... great work, the maps are looking very good...

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Gabbo - - 88 comments

Seems to be coming along splendidly guys.
Your news update got me thinking though:
"That's O'Neill with two L's; the other one has no sense of humor."

Just thought I'd throw that out there ;)

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Instinct64 Author
Instinct64 - - 32 comments

Did we get pwned again ? xD :P

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