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Read about Warp Points Income Changes, two new modules and the first Deprived cruiser - Abaris!

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You frequently ask us about Faction Wars and how it's all going - at the moment we are busy implementing some basic mechanics for it, including planet colonization and basis for other things which will let the whole system work and be interesting for you. We will sure tell you about it all in details, when it gets a somehow stable and close to "ready" version - there are a couple of exciting things you will definitely love ;)

Now, we are going to show you other important changes. Feel free to ask away any questions about upcoming content - we are always ready to clarify contentious moments.

Warp Points Income Changes

In previous articles we told you about Control Points rebalance and some other changes in Quick Matches. But there is another important thing we should tell you about - changes in WP income. As you know, in the beginning of the battle you get 9000 WP - and it's quite a big amount you can spend to warp in even a couple battlecruisers and a dreadnought. And that's where you think: Yes, I warp in my strongest ships, capture several control points, warp the rest of my fleet and that's it!

Current WP cost of your fleet can be seen on the top left of your screen.

But it would be too boring - so, we changed some WP income rules: Each ship you summon not only spends a certain amount of WP, but also requires some resource for staying on the battlefield or, in other words, has a maintenance cost, which reduces your WP income and depends on the ship cost. And, if you spend all you WP on warping in ships, you will have a low income which allow your enemy (let's think he summoned only a couple defensive ships) to collect more points, summon more ships, and become a real problem for you. That's where you decide: will you go full in (rush) on the first minutes, or will warp only a few ships to capture points and collect more resource, or go full defense, or will do something else. In this case, scouting is a very important thing since it's very important to know what your opponent is going to do and counter his tactics.

New Modules

Each new module opens a new tactical opportunity for your fleet and also allows somebody to create a counter-tactic for existing strategy - for example, this Kinetic Wall is a perfect weapon versus ramming Advisors in PvE Survival mode, while Shield Overload allows a fleet which focuses on energy shields survive even physical damage and don't exchange their maneuverability to additional armor. And that's not the only way to use them - just read short descriptions and invent your own evil strategy!

Shield Overload module overloads shield on activation, making it able to consume not only energy damage, but also damage dealt by physical projectiles. But in exchange it continuosly consumes shield hit points and every shot deals twice damage to it.

When Shield Overload is activated, all shields become visible.

Kinetic Wall module - 2х4 special equipment. Creates a kinetic wall, which doesn't let any physical objects, including projectiles and ships, pass through it. Energy weapons can still bypass this wall, but if a ship bumps into this wall, it takes a lot of damage like if he tried to ram an asteroid.

Abaris, Deprived cruiser

Deprived faction gets the first cruiser-class (400m) ship - Abaris. This is a light ship with a good turn speed and side weapons in several modifications - a good scouting ship with ability to trick and shoot frigates. At the same time, ramming on this ship or fighting with other cruisers can be no easy task, except of some specific modifications, perhaps.

If you haven't visited our Facebook and Twitter pages this week we ensure to do it now - there are also some new screenshots and information there!


I always wanted to know, who does your 3d models ? do you have someone hired in-house, or freelance ?

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snowforged Author

We have 3 artists in our team, they work full-time with us :) You can find them here: Starfalltactics.com

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