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Do you love game artwork? We do! We want to share some artwork from Star Story: The Horizon Escape. Enjoy!

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Holidays are over, so-o-o back to work!
We've got some artwork from the Star Story game to show you. A-and trailer is on it's way. I hope it will be released in a week or so... But we all know how it usually goes. Meh. <"we're doomed" mode off>

So , the artwork!


Early concept art+colored characters.

Early pics

Early concept art.

Bandits. v. 000000,1

Mr. Hero&bandits in-progress .

Early chars

Mr #1. First NPC designed for dialogues. Early concepts were drawn in more realistic/less "cartoony" way.


And a bonus. I'm in love this one. Healing time!

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