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Post news RSS Spring: 1944 Operation Lyuban (v1.06) Released!

We've released the follow up to Luettich, Operation Lyuban. Not a major release (another "L" series), it still contains lots of fixes and improvements. Free, open-source WWII RTS excellence awaits!

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Hey all!

Operation Lyuban is the second release in the "L" series, containing mostly fixes and improvements based on feedback from Luettich. We hope you enjoy!

Full changelog:

  • Huge huge numbers of added/fixed description tags (Neddie + yuritch)
  • Add logistics cost to fully reload to all unit descriptions, as well as storage (yuritch)
  • Endless amounts of missing buildpics fixed. (yuritch)
  • Large number of icons fixed/added (yuritch + Neddie)
  • Fixed exploit involving upgrade during factory construction (Nemo)
  • Infantry doesn't chase planes anymore (tobi and his magic script)
  • Plane orders are now grayed out when you don't have the money for them (tobi)
  • Fixed MaxWaterDepth on buildings (no more hiding factories underwater) (tobi)
  • Added build placement check to morph gadget (tobi)
  • Forbid reclaim of mobile units (tobi)
  • Buildmenu consistency between Soviet Commander and Soviet Commissars (yuritch)
  • Flags now have 0x0 footprint, so they won't block units from getting places (tobi)
  • Desync fix in aircraft! (tobi)
  • Found several gadgets/widgets that were updating every single frame when they really didn't need to be (should be a noticeable reduction in CPU load) (Nemo)
  • Fixed commando LZ to not explode when it shouldn't - now uses 'morph' functionality. (Nemo)
  • Removed builder tags from inf (I forget what this fixes, but ... ) (Nemo)
  • Removed hidedamage=1 from a bunch of units (Nemo)
  • Various unused file cleanups (Neddie)
  • Fixed deployment mode + added missing units (Nemo)
  • A bunch of flamethrower FX tweaks/improvements (Evil4Zerggin)
  • Added ModOption to set total map income per player (more accurate tweaking than the flag income multiplier) (Evil4Zerggin)
  • Fixed Eng Veh brakerates (Evil4Zerggin)
  • A huge bunch of highly boring work on FX for ships (Evil4Zerggin, yuritch)

v3.1 -> v3.2

  • Fixed spring lockup (infinite loop) when all base buildings where limited
    and the base building algorithm reached end of the queue.
  • New constructor syntax used in configuration. (UnitArray, UnitSet, UnitBag)
  • Moved unitlimits out of buildorder.lua into it's own file: unitlimits.lua
  • Default difficulty level changed to medium.
  • Waypoint editor changes:
    - Brush size in waypoint editor is now in world coordinates.
    - Loads from LuaRules/Configs/craig/maps as fallback.
    - Only need to hover over the waypoint when pressing M to delete it.
  • S44: Huge nerf because of the complaints it was too hard
    - Now in all difficulties all factories are limited.
    - Barracks: 3 on easy, 3 on medium, 4 on hard.
    - Vehicle yard: 1 on easy and medium, 2 on hard.
    - Tank yard: 1 on easy, 2 on medium, 4 on hard.
    - Supply depot: 1 on easy and medium, 2 on hard.
  • S44: Supply depot is now used to spam halftracks.
  • S44: Fixed buildorder for Russia. (now commissars can't clone themselves)
  • Added waypoint profiles for:
    - 1944_Village_Crossing_v2
    - CenterrockV12


  • Planes now part of the 'fear' system. If they come under sustained AA fire, they will become unselectable and fly back to HQ (yours, not off map) until they recover (less than 10 seconds). Related: AA guns now have a range-finding script so they have more-or-less proximity fuse behavior (ie, many more 'near hits', not so many gibs).
  • Significant infantry platoon restructuring:
    - All scout squads removed, two scouts added to mortar and MG squads.
    - US Rifle squad gained bazooka
    - US Assault squad lost a few SMGs, gained 2 BAR and 2 flamethrower
    - US Flamethrower squad gained 1 flamer (to 4)
    - German Rifle squad lost a few rifles, gained a MG42
    - German Assault squad gained 2x Panzerfaust, lost a few SMGs
    - British Assault squad gained commando
    - Soviet Rifle squad gained commissar + PTRD, lost some SMGs
    - Soviet Assault squad gained commissar + RPG-43, lost some SMGs
  • Significant buildtree restructuring:
    - Vehicle yards can now upgrade to include light tanks in the menu
    - Gunyards can upgrade to include either Self-Propelled Arty or Tank Destroyers (but not both)
    - Tank yards can now upgrade to include either Advanced Medium Tanks or Heavy Tanks (but not both, and retaining all options from previous factory)
  • Removed trucks from spawn and from HQ build list.
  • New units: - all skins by Spiked, Models by Dash/Yuri, UVmaps by FLOZi/Spiked
    - US M7 Priest - Self-propelled 105mm howitzer
    - Soviet SU-85 - Medium Tank Destroyer
    - Soviet SU-100 - Heavy Tank Destroyer
  • Set Command storage to 10k
  • Raised 'default' supply gap to 7.5 minutes between resupplies
  • US resupply gap 15% shorter than others.
  • Added Random Faction option in the lobby - also serves as the "Game Master/sandbox" faction, if that modOption is enabled (defaults to off - Random faction)


  • Everything mentioned above in 'gameplay'
  • Range nerf for ISU-152, puts in in the same level as StugIII range-wise.
  • Commissars no longer clone each other.
  • AT troops move more slowly, have larger decloak radii, and cost more (less effective in the 'commando' role now).
  • PTRD no longer gibs infantry, and mostly serves as a deterrent to rushing vehicles past Russian squads
  • Significantly lowered logistics costs of AA weapons
  • Raised logistic cost of rockets from 30 to 35 per rocket.
  • 10% nerf to Katyusha range
  • Substantially lowered deploy time for MGs, halftracks.
  • Changed base spawn back to 3 AA guns, added 2 MGs.
  • Raised BA-64 health to reflect the fact that it has more armor than a truck, reduced its buildtime slightly (10%)
  • +15% to ground attack plane LoS
  • Cost increases to Su-76 and T-60, T-60 lost a good bit of armor quality (takes more damage from non-penetrating hits).
  • +15% cost for all Tank Destroyers, except M10 Wolverine (US TD in the tank yard).
  • Made lots of copies of units to have their BTs suit the factories they're in. For example: a light tank from the upgraded light vehicle yard takes longer than the same light tank from the tank yard (same cost, different drain).
  • Substantial cost increases to British Commandos
  • Raised firing arc on Nebelwerfer and M-30
  • Moved M-30 howitzer into upgraded russian gunyards (either one)
  • Raised firing arc on AT guns to 70 degrees.
  • Removed +20 production from HQs/commander and made it 'disembodied'.
  • A fairly wide swath of armor cost tweaks. Generally scaling up the cost of heavy armor in relation to medium.
  • Dropped Bren MG burst from 5 to 4 (no longer can pin in a single burst).
  • 2.5% longer BT/higher cost for british HQ squad
  • 10% cheaper/faster building daimler and sdkfz250
  • Commando satchel charges can now be removed by the "minesweep" function that engineers have.

Game master/Sandbox tools and news

  • First draft of Game Master tool set - very basic for now; its an invisible plane that can fly anywhere, never lands, and can build any unit in the game very quickly. This allows for setting up things like dogfights/specific battles fairly easily (without needing cheat mode).
    - To access, turn on the "Enable GM toolset" modoption and play as the "random faction/GM" team
    - Hopefully more powerful functionality coming to this toolset in the not-too-distant-future.
  • Boats are ingame, but not yet buildable. You can access them by /giving, or by using the GM tools to build them.
aznangelcakes - - 58 comments

oh danggg first comment btw!!! wow...this looks really really good for an indie...tracking!!!

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JustDaveIsFine - - 1,545 comments

Already downloading, looks interesting.

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PierreOfTheFrench - - 320 comments

Looks very nice I'll be downloading it shortly :)

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neddiedrow - - 161 comments

Catch us in the Spring lobby in #s44, it should be possible to get a game.

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timstro59 - - 1,586 comments

very cool.

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