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I made some progress in the gameplay section of the game and create some props I also made some animations.

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Eighth update 14.2.2014

I have created some collectable objects in UnrealScript and created a Flashlight with batteries that can be collected. In addition to that I started with the Attacking system of the creature I want to make it pretty descent so it can take some time but I hope i will finished it soon so I can work on the Level Design. Also I want to create a note inventory and if that is finished the base of the games is finished and only the next 4 levels are missing i´m not sure how long it will take but as i´m working currently alone on the game (except for sound) it takes some time.


  • As always added some Props to the Level
  • Pickups
  • Physic interaction
  • Animations


  1. Finished Flashlight with batteries
  2. Collectable Pills finished
  3. AI Animations almost finished
  4. Simple Attacking state
Update 8 Props1

Update 8 Props2

Update 8 Props3

Update 8 Props4

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