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Hey Guys! Rees here, to leak out the latest on the upcoming Rathguarde Alpha 2.

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Hey guys. Im Rees and I've been introduced to Flash Fire games to help with graphics and some other jobs but mainly I'm working on the development of storyline and concept for Rathguarde.

The team and I have been exploring many outcomes of the game and deciding when the appropriate time to initiate these into the game would be. So far, we have introduced the following -

+ Bed Rock (new block), an indestructible block, found at the bottom of the world.
+ Stone (new block), a common block found pretty much everywhere below 8 blocks of dirt.
+ Sky Limit (new block), also an indestuctible block which has the same texture as regular sky and appears at the top of the map.

Also if you had a look at our ALPHA 1, you may have had some difficulty with the mouse controled directional veiwing or what we call Directional-Screen-Division.

This is how it was arranged before:

And now this is how it is arranged:

Flash Fire games would also like to introduce a new member to our team, Matt (Langutan). His role is Lead Tester and is also one of our good mates from school.

On a final note, i would also like to ask everyone to express your opinions about the game and add any crticism on where it could be improved as it will most likely be benificial to the games development.


looks pretty good. the only thing i would say is try to not take too much inspiration from minecraft and terraria.

there are already way to many copies, and all they succeed in doing is making me want to play minecraft or terraria again haha. but i trust that yall will add your own original twists later on in development.

anyways, good luck!

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Yes, although alot of gampeplay and obviously the Tile/Block system is almost identical, there are many twist and defining points planned for later in the game. One of the twists already is that instead of an earth-like place, Rathguarde is a desert planet, In fact, one of the main twists is coming in the next Alpha (This twist is not one that Rees spoiled)


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