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Rathguarde plans to be a very social multiplayer game, also having a powerful single player mode.

We plan to have lots of cool stuff in it, to make it an awesome Sidescrolling-RPG-Action-Sandbox-Hack'n'Slash-Adventure-Fantasy game, with stuff inspired by many other large-scale games. We plan to have 3 races: Goblins, Elves and Dwarves, lots of monsters and combat stuff including vast arrays of weapons and armour to choose from, a new PvE (player vs enviroment) type thing, where it's literally You vs the World (see Zendikar) lots of machinery/contraptions, magic/skills (maybe some kind of skill tree like in Diablo 2), magical items, leveling/experience stuff, trading/economy, NPCs, and just about anything else we think would be cool.

Inspiration is taken from many games to make this, such as Minecraft, Terraria, DwarfFortess, Survivors of Ragnarok, Diablo 2, Magic: The Gathering (particaularly Zendikar block), and certain movies and such

We plan to have it as a very cool industrial feeling game, with the goal of creating a massive inter-racial empire across Rathguarde, consisting of fortresses, trap systems, machines, and a well balanced trading economy between various races and factions, battling the harsh conditions of Rathguarde.


+ Josh Whitney (BaronVengeous) - Programming/Graphics/Concept Design
+ Rees Guise (UniformSierra) - Storyline/Concept Design
+ Leon Fox (Foxtrot070) - Audio/Graphics Support
+ Matt Lang (Langutan) - Lead Tester
+ Shaun Kerr (Arashaun) - Shaun is a friend of mine, who helps me out with lots of ideas, and he is currently working on his own game - eROTic - over at Pixal Games

We actually have alot of input from the other guys at school, but Rees, Leon, Matt, Shaun and I (Josh) are the main contributors thus far.


Rathguarde is a desert planet, rich in minerals, monsters and valuable items. For all the valuables however, simple things like water and food are scarce. And so the inhabitants of Rathguarde are in a constant struggle to survive, while they search for its bountiful booty.

Many different races inhabit Rathguarde, such as Goblins, Dwarves, Elves, all in a monopoly of trading resources. Peace rarely lasts long between the races, but some strong alliances are created now and then.

+ Goblins are a race based mostly deep underground, very adept at finding/gathering rare items, but are also quite destructive, and it follows that they make very destructive machinery

+ Dwarves are a stalwart race, living the mountains and quarries or Rathguarde, and are renowned for their vast ingenuity, and are adept at making amazing machinery if they can get the resources for them.

+ Elves are widely known for finding natural resources, and currently occupy the most fertile places on Rathguarde, and live in vast treetop villages. However, they spend little time underground, so are not often getting the most valuable, so to acquire them, they trade with other races for necessities, such as water or food


The various races are designed to be balanced with each other, and any one race needs the others to survive. This will hopefully be well implemented into the game, particularly the multiplayer aspect.

But Rathguarde holds many secrets yet to be discovered....

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RSS Articles

您好!阿爾法4就在這裡!(Translation courtesy of Google translate)

Well, I come to you today seeking redemption for last week's failure, as we're releasing Alpha 4! It should be up for download within the next few days :)

Well, as promised we have all the tools, in 5 grades, from Stone to Rathite! There are 3 tools, Pick, Axe, and Shovel. But we changed up the art a bit since last week, to make it a bit more interesting/original.

The new tool textures

Now that we've given you all these tools, you probably want to use them! Well, we came up with yet another innovative solution, as we hate the annoyance of having to change tools every time you find a new block, so instead we have provided a special space in the inventory, one for each type of tool. During your exploration, when you mine a block, the game will auto-select the appropriate tool, based on what you've put in each of the "toolbar" slots.

Also, at the beginning of each game, each player will be given a set of stone tools, and an Anvil.

The new toolbar, and the Anvil's crafting screen

You also might have noticed, that there's now an Anvil crafting screen with 3 slots, rather than the regular crafting screen's 2. But how do you get to such a crafting screen? Well, blocks have a new property "interactive". If a block is interactive, it will get a green selector when you select it, rather than a yellow one. So if you see a interactive block, right-click on it to interact with it!

The new green selector for interactive blocks

Actually, there's another property blocks have now, "climbable" basically, can you climb it? Well, yes you can. As long as it's a ladder that is. Yeah, we added ladders. Cool right? You can climb ladders by simply pressing W or S (up/down).

The new ladders. climbable and everything!

So I bet you want to craft all this stuff right? Here are some Recepies:

Regular Crafting (not anvil):
2 Stone + 1 Wood: Stone Pick
1 Stone + 1 Wood: Stone Shovel
3 Stone + 1 Wood: Stone Axe
2 Wood: 1 Ladder

Anvil Crafting:
2 Stone + 1 Wood + 3 Thexite: Thexite Pick
1 Stone + 1 Wood + 3 Thexite: Thexite Shovel
3 Stone + 1 Wood + 3 Thexite: Thexite Axe
2 Stone + 1 Wood + 3 Emrite: Emrite Pick
1 Stone + 1 Wood + 3 Emrite: Emrite Shovel
3 Stone + 1 Wood + 3
Emrite: Emrite Axe
2 Stone + 1 Wood + 3 Glythite: Glythite Pick
1 Stone + 1 Wood + 3 Glythite: Glythite Shovel
3 Stone + 1 Wood + 3
Glythite: Glythite Axe
2 Stone + 1 Wood + 3 Rathite: Rathite Pick
1 Stone + 1 Wood + 3 Rathite: Rathite Shovel
3 Stone + 1 Wood + 3
Rathite: Rathite Axe
10 Thexite: Anvil

Yeah, that's pretty much it for this week. Oh wait, bug fixes! There are a few little things that have been "bugging us all, right from the beginning that I've fixed. Here they are:
+ You can now press Escape to exit the inventory (or any other window) to exit the screen WITHOUT exiting the entire game. That was pretty annoying
+ I've extended the area of the DSD for diagonals to 1/3 of the width/height or the window, rather than the tiny old 1/4.
+ Pretty much all those weird things with crafting from Alpha 3

Oh yeah, I won't be here to do next week's update. One of the others might do something, but Alpha 5 is scheduled for 2 weeks from now. It's planned to be all about improving the interface with menus and what not. Here's our little "check-list" (The interface update wasn't originally scheduled until about 7/8/9, but you guys asked, so we pulled it forward to 5)
+ Game Menu
+ Pause Menu (when pressing Escape)
+ Nicer looking things
+ Notification Bar (maybe)
+ Recepie Book (or something like that)
+ Saving/Loading Games
+ Fullscreen! YAY!

Now for such a title screen, we need a logo of some description. We may decide to make one ourselves, but I think the community might have some fun making one for us (well, that, and we're a bit lazy) So I'll be opening up the content lines, feel free to submit any ideas you have!

And as for those videos you guys want, Leon's taking care of that. He may/may not put them up for next week's update. Don't forget to track us, or like us out on facebook!

- Watchin' You

Forging Ahead

Forging Ahead

News 3 comments

Alpha 4 isn't here , but check out the previews we have for you!

Rathguarde - Alpha 3: Good things come in threes!

Rathguarde - Alpha 3: Good things come in threes!

News 6 comments

Alpha 3 is here! Let's see if it's third time lucky!

Ooooh........ Shiny!

Ooooh........ Shiny!

News 2 comments

Josh is examining the sparkly new additions to Rathguarde in closer detail!

Tumbling Down The Rabbit Hole

Tumbling Down The Rabbit Hole

News 8 comments

Josh is here to tell you all about the new stuff in the upcoming Alpha 3 update of Rathguarde!

RSS Files
Rathguarde - Alpha 4

Rathguarde - Alpha 4

Patch 3 comments

Sorry guys, I was a bit late putting thing up, we had some difficulties with the deployment package. Anyway, this should install right over the top, just...

Rathguarde - Alpha 3

Rathguarde - Alpha 3

Patch 4 comments

Alpha 3 is here! If you've already got Alpha 1 or 2, you may have to uninstall them first. If this is you're first time with Rathguarde, just go ahead...

Rathguarde - Alpha 2

Rathguarde - Alpha 2


Hooray! Alpha 2! Many new features in this version, as well as some bug fixes. It should install right over the top of Alpha 1, but will also set everything...

Rathguarde - Alpha 1

Rathguarde - Alpha 1


Hooray! Here it is at last: The very first version of Rathguarde EVER! That's right folks, this is one for the history books. NOTE: This is currently...

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when will there be a gameplay video?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
BaronVengeous Creator

ok. Leon was going to do it. but I'm not sure when. Alpha 5 is definitely coming this week in the weekly update. I will definitely make a video for Alpha 5 to go with it. I'll do it myself.

Sorry about the delay :0 things have been getting rather crazy recently. But there WILL be a video on wednesday. That's 4 days from now.

Reply Good karma+1 vote

Nice game so far! Only had once issue which was that you can clip through solid blocks sometimes if you jump at them just right. This may just be my own ineptitude at block games but I think being able to target diagonally would help a lot.

Tracking and looking forward to updates :)

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
BaronVengeous Creator

Yes, the jumping into blocks is a bug we're working on, and you can target diagonally. See the DSD images?

Reply Good karma+2 votes

Ah, I did not see that. I instead learned to position myself appropriately and select the down block to make platforms :D

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes

Gidday Fellas! If you ever need an extra tester on hand I would be happy to help!

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
BaronVengeous Creator

Thanks Richard, just send us any feedback/ideas/hate etc. or post them up here!

Reply Good karma+1 vote

Just to ask, in what codding language is the game made?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
BaronVengeous Creator

We are making the current windows version in C#, with the XNA 4 add-on. But of course, later we will have to write in different languages to get on to the other planned platforms

Reply Good karma+2 votes

Congrats! good if u upload a video so we can see how it plays before download :)

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
Foxtrot070 Creator

Yea video will be up as soon as i figure out why its taking so long to upload.

Reply Good karma+1 vote
BaronVengeous Creator

yes, we hope to do a weekly meeting on Tuesdays (or whatever day it is in your country) at which well will make cool preview videos, and report progress. etc

Reply Good karma+1 vote
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