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More ships, Gameplay tweaks, and Network optimization

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Two Spocean builds in as many weeks! Build15 underwent even deeper net code overhauling, but I think the result is a much sturdier framework. According to the simulations I ran, it was able to plod along in some pretty harsh conditions, so hopefully that resolves all of the weird disconnection/de-synchronization issues that were happening in Build14. More importantly, there are now two empty ships that start in the middle of the map that you have to fight for. So the new maximum number of ships is up to 6.

Here’s a general changelog:

- Added two empty ships that start in the middle of the map and act as sort of initially inactive capture points.
- Smoothed visible player rotations.
- Players joining an empty server will no longer spawn incapacitated.
- Maximum number of ships increased to 6.
- Fixed jitter movement in ships.
- Increased ship speed.
- Doubled ship repair speed.
- Slowed player movement to about 75% of build14 speed.
- Re-wrote client-side input prediction.
- Optimized update sending to master server.
- Optimized shipObject streaming during rapid back and forth (forever) boarding.
- Improved match restart logic.
- Rebuilt ship interior collision mesh to eliminate view clipping through walls.

Spocean Build15 PC ClientI

Assuming the the new net code clears up the previous issues, I may finally have a chance to start working on the much needed new features in the coming weeks. VOIP, guns, clubs, special shot types, different ship types – it’s all on the list, so stay tuned and Spocean on.


coug coug

looks nice tho- coug!

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Wait, did I see that right?
You punch people, to heal them?

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