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We are proud to announce that Game Patch 1 is officially out for ‘ORION: Dino Horde’. This patch addresses a few issues that we have pin pointed with the help of developers, official testers, and the welcomed addition of all you new gamers. We absolutely love the help you are providing and the feedback you are sending so keep it up!

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This is the first of many patches. We will constantly update, tweak and modify the game based both on our feedback and feedback we collect from you guys. Here is Game Patch 1, which is officially out now and all the servers are updated and ready to be played on!

- Added Rumble feature for Gamepad support.
02 - Fixed issues with password-based game servers.
03 - Fixed issue with Spiral Store items not being purchased properly.
04 - Fixed client side issues with various animation improvements.
05 - Fixed issue with crouching and sprinting overlapping animations.
06 - Added updated audio for:

  • CV-10 Pistol
  • T-99 Dual Pistols
  • TREK-79 LMG
  • Gatling Gun
  • T-Rex Roars
  • Notifications

07 - Updated vehicle particles to be more performance friendly.
08 - Replaced old beta images on menu with proper imagery.
09 - Add cross=hair support to third person for:

  • Rocket Launcher
  • Gatling Gun
  • Flame Thrower

10 - Implemented newer version of the ‘Raupi’ Cooperative level.
11 - Fixed issue with some achievements not being awarded correctly.
12 - Fixed PvP audio notifications for PvP game modes.
13 - Increased the max amount of fall damage.
14 - Fixed hill ownership not displaying in Dude Huge game mode.
15 - Fixed animation sync issue.
16 - Fixed Playable Dinosaurs able to eat humans through structures.

You’ve all been great thus far and we hope to continue this relationship with you guys and utilize your feedback on a permanent and consistent basis. If you ever find something you want to report simply send an email over to:


Spiral Updates are planned to occur twice a month, every two weeks. We are proud to announce that the first one is being prepared to deployed next week.

These are content updates that add the following items

  • New Hats
  • New Armors
  • New Taunts
  • New Map Variants

Map Variants are new takes on already existing levels in the game. The first two map variants that will be added to the game to add even more spice and variety. The first pack is the Night Pack 1 which will introduce two additional takes on existing levels:

  1. Raupi (Cooperative Level)
  2. Covan (PvP Level)

These are going to be incredible filler updates that continue giving you guys more of what you want while we work on the much larger Title Updates (DLC Packs) which will start coming in June 2013.


We are proud to announce that Title Update 001 is slated for release in June 2013. Title Updates are going to be handled a little bit differently than Dino Beatdown and will be made into separate DLC packs just to keep the actual core games installer size as low as we can. These will be FREE.

This is the first mega DLC update that will be launching over the Summer. The first Title Update is called the Jungle DLC Pack and will be completely focused on Jungle-based content. We can confirm that the TREK Long Bow will be the featured weapon:


Every DLC Pack Update adds a wealth of new content for the low price of absolutely FREE. With every DLC Pack (Title Update) you can expect:

  • New Dinosaur
  • New Weapon
  • New Game Mode
  • New Kit
  • New Levels
  • New Achievements


I would also quickly like to address some things we’ve heard lately and what ‘ORION: Dino Horde’ exactly is and why we built it in the first place and where our intentions and hopes were placed:People are trying to call it a lot of things: a sequel, an update, a patch, a re-release, but that’s not what we wanted or think the focus should be on.

The original hope and goal was to always focus more on the moral and mentality behind what Dino Horde stood for, which is a developer that owns up their mistakes (rough release), takes responsibility and spends the better part of a year working on a completely revamped and gutted game which is handed out to all of those affected for free.

This coupled with free DLC (no seasonal pass, please) is what the focus should be on as that is what we need MORE of in this industry and how we, small indies, are attempting to make that shift with way less resources than the larger sharks in this pool.


We’ve had a few reports of users experience issues such as severe amounts of lag, severe amounts of bullet delay, friend list not showing friends and browsers not showing servers. The great news is that there is a very easy solution to remedy all of this:

  1. Open Steam Library
  2. Right-Click ‘ORION: Dino Horde’
  3. Select ‘Properties’
  4. Select ‘Local Files’ tab.
  5. Select ‘Verify Integrity of Game Cache” and let it re-acquire any needed files.
  6. Restart Steam
  7. Restart PC (not required, but it wouldn’t hurt.)

That is all for now. We’ll be popping back with more updates over the next few days as we prepare Spiral Update 1 for deployment next week. Hope to see you in some game matches soon!

SweetRamona - - 5,126 comments

I heard this game got a bad start, but hopefully with a constant flow of patches and free dlc this will become a great game. :)

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Dieger - - 612 comments

looks cool justt wish weapons had more recoil

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OuterSpaceStudios - - 21 comments

Wow, this looks really interesting. I will defiantly be following this.

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