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This week was really productive, though it maybe unseen. I've finished the level generation process and started to enrich the gameplay process. Alpha is getting closer!

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Hello everyone!

This week I was working hard, to create a fully working random level generation — so any level would have enough platforms to jump on, to have enough ladders to climb on, to have not very opened places to set there rare items, and overall to have a space for the hero, his enemies and items. My adventures deserve to be described in a separate article, which I'll write when finished with current tasks, so for now it would be not much info - only the main.

So, on this week:

  1. I've developed random level generation algorythm, that creates levels suitable for my gameplay.
  2. I've developed the path finding algorythm in the generated level. Also, this algorythm tries to vanish the cycle3s of ladders, though this feature works not perfect for now, but I'm working on it.
  3. I've added the camera shaking, when hero shoots. The shaking is much powerfull, as the firing gun.
  4. Also I've added the camera offset towards the crosshair - makes gameplay more dynamic.
  5. I've drawn and animated the crosshair (for now it looks not much beautifull, but it is better, than the static picture).
  6. I've redrawn the ladders, cause they were like ehhh. But now they don't look great or sci-fi... So I think I will redraw them again :D

On the next week I have to do more interesting work, but for today - that's it=) See you!

The level generation process illustrated with * and 0 symbols - * tile, 0 - free space

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