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This week was rich for searchings, findings and loosings. I've created user's interface and started writing the level generation algorythm.

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In search for the style. Development dieries #4

On this week I've finally made another step to the apha version and Steam early-access - I've added the user interface.

At first, I thought to use free set for GUI in Space setting, but al last I've denied this idea, cause in this case, the game started to look like a mobile game - and it was not my intend. After a few thoughts I've decided to buy some fonts, which wouldb be used for the GUI building.

So, what's done:

1. Main Menu — gamer can now select to start new game, exit the game, opent the settings screen and check the authors credits.

2. Settings menu, that for now contains only Music, FX and Master volume settings.

3. Game start Menu — gamer can start new game, continue the last game, and load saved game.

4. Hero creation Menu — gamer can choose the hero's class and distribute stats' points between 5 records.

5. Pause Menu — just pauses the game, gamer can exit, save, load game and unpause the game.

6. Hero's Menu - gives gamer an ability to watch/edit hero's stats, and wath the inventory (inventory is not realized yet).

7. Flawless switching between hero's menu and puase menu.

Also at the end of the week I've started creating the level generation algorytm - it goes hard, though very interesting. For now the algorythm creates greate, or not even interesting levels - I should polish it=)

That's it for now. Stay tuned for more info on the next week.

P.S. For some reasons OBS did make bad recording, so the video glitches=(

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