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Another week has passed, and the next news came out=) I've added modification support, wrote manuals on how to create mods, released the game in early access.

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This week I was finishing basic mod support for SpaceGeon. At this stage, it has not yet been implemented in the volume in which we would like - now you can play with only one mod and load all the modules presented in it at once. I think that in a week, I’ll finish writing a mod manager that will allow you to load individual modules from different mod, thus giving you the opportunity to change the game to your taste, down to the smallest detail.

This is how the mod loading looks in the current game's version

Plus, I wrote 2 full-fledged guides on Steam in order to provide enough information to anyone who wants to create content for SpaceGeon. In the future, I think I’ll have to write a few more manuals to reveal all the little things, but so far I’m more focused on finalizing the mod loading system itself than on describing its features.

It's funny, but I can’t give my standard list of what was done in a week, because all I did was finishing modifying support: D

Also, if you missed it, the game came out to the early access on Steam yesterday and I will be extremely grateful to everyone who will support me and buy a copy, especially since the price is very small, considering the features that are embedded in the game. If you bought the game and are ready to create a couple, albeit small, but modifications - please make them, this will greatly help in the development of the project.

Speaking of custom modifications, Steam Workshop support is still under development. As soon as I finish the software for uploading mods to the Workshop, any mod can be uploaded on Steam, so any player can download your mod and play it =)

That's it for today, until next week!

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