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The new 0.6 update is the biggest yet. It adds a whole bunch of content-related stuff and some highly requested quality of life improvements.

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You can now manually force your turrets to target a specific target. This new mechanic has introduced a whole new layer of depth to the combat system and allowed us to introduce some new enemy types.

The repair hub is a new building that disperses a repair drone in case of a building getting damaged. The dispersed repair drone slowly repairs all damaged buildings one by one. You can also research a new perk to allow your repair drones to work even in the most dangerous situations.

Raiders are a new enemy faction. They are ruthless and extremely dangerous. Raiders come with 2 types of ships: hitters and hoarders. Hoarders will hack your station to slowly steal your credits while the hitters deal some damage. Destroying a hoarder will return the money it stole from you. This new enemy faction will require the user to make use of the new targeting system to strategically take out the most important ships first.

The federal police will now make periodic visits to your station to perform an SSA (station security assessment). After the SSA is complete you will be left with a detailed report showing where you failed and how much you were charged for it. Make sure to comply with the federation standards to avoid getting fined.

Escape pods are an additional security measure each station needs to take. This is a new building with 4 escape pods attached to it. In case of an emergency, these pods eject and bring your visitors to safety. If you fail to have enough escape pods you can get fined by the federal police.

This new defensive turret is the strongest yet. It takes a bit of time to reach maximum fire rate but once it does, it’s unstoppable. The machine gun can be unlocked by researching a new perk in the research tree.

We have added more civilian missions to the game. Some customers might want to reserve one of your buildings for a party, and some might require some items in a short duration of time. It is up to you to accept or decline their offers.

This is a new utility building perfect for some visitors who still believe in a higher power. It will increase your station's popularity by a lot.

A lot of old models have been changed with new ones to better fit the game. The graphical overhaul will continue until the 0.7 update.

  • Popups with revealing text can now be skipped.

  • Added an animated hologram of the merchant to the trade panel.

  • Added an eye button next to some notifications. Clicking the button will pan the camera to the mentioned location.

  • You can now go bankrupt forever without the game forcing you to go back to the main menu.

  • The space button now always stops time.

  • You can now see the range of a shield generator.

  • Removed the obsolete faction buttons from the overview panel and replaced them with missions.

  • Turret AI is improved.

  • Events remember speed.

  • ESC remembers speed.

  • Reworked the customer bubbles.

  • Added new sound effects for level up, upgrade, mission complete, mission failed.

  • Security has been balanced.

  • Increased the power output of the solar panel, the particle reactor, and the quantum reactor.

  • Increased the ideal fuel prices.

  • Added a "buy all" button to the trading screen.

  • Added a new planet to the scenery.

  • Laser now deals a lot more damage.

  • Added a security bonus when you start the game depending on the difficulty.

  • Save files are now sorted by date. (Latest first.)

  • Added a question mark icon next to some notifications which give more info about the notification when clicked.

  • Game can now be paused during combat.

  • Smuggler quests are now less frequent.

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