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Here's what's new in the latest and biggest update of Space Station Tycoon.

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Your space station now has a reputation level. The reputation level can be increased by attracting visitors to your station. You can think of it as a simple level system but with visitors instead of XP. Most of the buildings in the game now unlock through this system.
After a certain reputation level, with every level-up, you'll have to choose one out of three random locked buildings. This will require players to choose the kind of station they want to build and unlock new buildings accordingly.

We have reworked the whole mission system. There is now a panel called the "Mission Hub" where you'll receive mission offers from various factions and corporations. This panel is far from being complete but we think that it's a big step in the right direction for the whole mission concept.

Getting bored of seeing the same old personal spaceships? We felt the same way. That's why we made the first step to change that by adding bigger ships. These new ships carry a lot of visitors and therefore go quite well with our reputation system. In order for these ships to land, you'll have to build large docking bays.

Major UI Overhaul: We have reworked the whole UI to make it more consistent and easier to understand. To achieve that, we have implemented a color palette and a set of rules to ensure consistency.

Repair System: Some customers will now require some items to repair their ship. Doing successful repairs is highly rewarding so make sure you have enough items laying around.

More Tools: Nearly every UI panel now has more information to share. From the overview panel to the finances panel, you will find more information to help you run your station more efficiently.

Locked Panels: Some panels containing end-game mechanics are now locked behind our new reputation system to avoid confusion early on.

We have reworked a lot of old buildings. This includes both graphical improvements and some other changes to make them more useful.

Here is the list of new buildings we've added in this update:

Staff Quarters: Your station now has a limit on how many staff members you can recruit. This number can be increased by building the new "Staff Quarters".

Advanced Billboard: An improved version of the standard billboard. It can be unlocked through the research system.

Genetics Lab: Generates research points over time.

Cafe: Functions similarly to other commercial buildings. A great choice for early-game.

Large Docking Bay: Allows for larger ships to land on your station.

  • Employee happiness system has been reworked.

  • Added employee benefits.

  • Added new mission types and lore.

  • Some perks have been changed.

  • The main menu has been redesigned.

  • Color options in the new game menu have been changed.

  • Reworked the drone selection system for missions.

  • Reworked the tooltip.

  • Customers now have better landing animations.

  • The loading screen is now more stable.

  • Difficulity now has a greater impact on gameplay.

  • Notification panel can now be hidden.

  • Added information for every item.

  • Repairing damaged buildings is now easier.

  • Broadcast tower has been remodeled and retextured.

  • Clinic has been remodeled and retextured.

  • Signal enhancer has been remodeled and retextured.

  • Quantum reactor has been remodeled and retextured.

  • Turret has been retextured.

  • Shield generator has been retextured.

  • Particle reactor has been retextured.

  • Performance improvements.

  • Fixed major save/load bugs.

  • Overall performance has been improved.

  • Fixed tutorial bugs.

  • Fixed turrets hitting friendly buildings.

  • Fixed a ton of small and big bugs.
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