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Sewer Tea starts looking more interesting with the addition of some sound fx and music.

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Good evening, people,
This week I've been focusing on getting sound to work fine along with the animations and such. As a result of this, I could start adding sound FX to "paint" the world of Sewer Tea. Some main sound FX have been added but there are still loads of them missing.

You can check the video by yourself and see what it looks like. Although be advised that this is still in super mega alpha stage and there are many things that should be tweaked (enemies' health, dealt damage, etc...). Also, the in-game enemy distribution won't be like in the video since normally you'll be passing from one room to another room and rarely you'll find yourself in a situation in which you have to fight through the whole test-room corridor just to get to a *&#@&*&*$ chest. Enjoy the video:

On a slightly related topic, I've created a Steam Community Group page for Sewer Tea so that you can check the discussions and have some input. What is more, I'll be posting there some background on Sewer Tea's story. Feel free to join us there and spread the word through Steam as much as you can. It really helps a lot.

Remember to track us on twitter to be up to the latest development news.


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