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Welcome to our release announcement! Pop in, sit down, and try our game for a while!

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The time has come ladies, gentlemen and any others inbetween! The time when you all get to play Soul Defender! To those who have stayed with us during this whole development process, the ones who have been reading our articles and watched this game slowly unfold, I have one thing to say. Thank you. You have our deepest gratitude for listening to our game development ramblings, and now we want to pay you back the attention with the very thing you've been seeing develop over time!

This game became a hell of a project for both of us, one which taught us many and more useful and wonderful things. Have I ever mentioned I never even touched data tables before this project? It's true, their discovery was groundbreaking for me!

And on the art front our artist is actually very inexperienced with 3D, but personally I'm very pleased with the end product he presented me, it took a while but it really feels like things came together really nicely!

However, it's about time I stopped boring you with all this sentimentality and whatnot, so how about you take a look at our trailer, eh? It's a bit rushed but hey, deadlines aren't exactly all that permissive at times. You just gotta learn to roll with it, something which you may also require after visiting our itch.io page. Feel free to tell us what you think of the game on our twitter, and remember to have fun!

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