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We will add a new system like the blinking system and the inventory system will still work in progress. The gamehowever recived a new music composed By Doug Holmes! So thanks to him now we have an ending music!

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The reason why we have not been updating a lot is because we are focusing on a film written by Me Shazlee and Hidrix89. You guys can visit our blog here:

We will update more in the first week of march. We will add a blinking system and finish the inventory system.Anyways , we are looking for 3D models for weapons like the Gewehr 98 , Chauchat and Mg08! We would be happy to see your models and we will accept it once we agree its good for the game.Email the model to delverjones@gmail.com. Our work here is free and so is yours because the game is free! Credit will be given of course!Level 2 has just started and soon we will show you and in Game media on the level! There is a new in game media for you to look at and a new concept art that we will be using for our News. We will also be uploading a new trailer for the game soon! If you would tell me what the game is like , imagine it a combination of ww1 source , Doom and Mount and blade but i promise you it won't be like Call of Duty!
This is just a short update and remember , "it is done when it is done "

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