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After taking a month off, I return with a vengeance!

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Welcome back to the stage of history. Or something. You may have noticed that there was no August update for Sonic: The Fated Hour, and that's a combination of several different factors. For starters, I've come to the slow realization that maybe I've revealed a little bit too much regarding TFH's game mechanics. This is something I touched on in July when I mentioned I wanted to keep some things secret from you guys. I probably should have kept a lot more secret than I have. That's not to say I'm short on surprises or anything like that, but there could have been a lot more. At the same time, you know nothing about the levels the game will feature, only how the basic mechanics function... so yeah.

The second reason I did not update in August is simply because, as I mentioned in July, it was the Sonic Amateur Games Expo. When you spend a week playing and writing about 22 Sonic fangames, you kind of don't want to think about them anymore.

But now I'm back - again - if only for a brief period. I think once this update is out of the way, I will have to take a bit of radio silence as I finish up what's left to code and start working on the real, actual, TFH game. I've spent nearly two years working on this iteration of the engine and I think I'm finally at the point where I can start making an actual game again. I can't believe it actually took me that long. Working on the real game means that the next TFH demo will be here. I'd like to say by Christmas, but I've missed a handful of deadlines for this demo already so we'll see what happens.

Regardless! I have video of what I've been working on.

Most of the video speaks for itself, as usual, but the biggest addition is the icon for Amy's Fortune Telling thing has been replaced with a new "BANK" icon. TFH has two ways of storing rings: Rings you are currently holding and a "ring bank". Initially, it would be that when you exited a level and went on to the next, your current rings would be transferred to your ring bank. But, with being able to buy and sell items at the shop, I figured it would make more sense if you could directly deposit your current rings straight in to your ring bank. I'll also probably get around to letting you withdraw some, too, just in case you're wandering around with 0 rings and you're near enough to a shop to warrant the trip.

So that's it, I guess. I had big plans for the September update, but rather than do that, I think this is all I'll put up right now. Maybe next month I'll have something that isn't related to coding or designing the game? Maybe not. Stay tuned.

Coloc - - 66 comments

Keep up the great work man cant wait to play the defenitive version of your game.

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Drakenlord - - 61 comments


Continue yuor good work!

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Mobius_gen - - 141 comments

Excellent work so far.

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Anthony817 - - 2,771 comments

Nice, is it ok if its ported to Dreamcast?

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BlazeHedgehog Author
BlazeHedgehog - - 304 comments

I certainly couldn't port it, and it isn't written in a multi-platform language. It would have to be remade, from the ground up.

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Samster01 - - 476 comments

Ah it's good to see more progress being made. :)

The ring bank seems like a cool feature.

Keep up the great work. :D

- Sam

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Shodic - - 3 comments

great job

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