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Hi there, I'm Mobius and welcome to my magical profile where you can look upon whatever I put in here! DO NOT PRESS ANY BUTTONS! You may blow something up.

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Welcome to the March News

Well this month has been a busy one. The devs have been working really hard to create a fantastic game and we're going to be showing you some of the fruits of their labour. Also we will be introducing a new feature to the monthly news called "What ya doin'?" This feature is where the devs tell you what they've been up to in a blog kind of fashion.

Let's start off with our new feature:

What Ya Doin'?

Noodles: Modeller/Mapper God

I've been working on the SGC, fixing bugs and creating models to go in the SGC and requests other devs have made. I am also working on the facemapping for the Tau'ri model.

Mobius: Sound Engineer

I have been updating some of the sounds.

furiousfurling: Lead Mapper/Co-Project Manager

Many Stargate fans after finding out about this mod probably though something like "another one.." :) But really, what sets this mod apart from others? This time we will speak about a map style that no other source mod has (at least as far as I know :P). And that is... **drums** assault! Some of you are probably familiar with it from Unreal tournament, but for those who never heard about it, here's a quick explanation: assault map is basically a very big objective map. BUT unlike in a simple objective map, in assault map, after completing a goal, player spawnpoints change position, ensuring non stop action in a vast variety of landscapes :D
Sgl_loop_assault (name may change) is our first go at this gamestyle. It features a total of 4 different planets trough which you will have to battle to win the round, but it is very possible, that in future maps may future even more planets :D.

Anyway here's a small portfolio of sgl_loop_assault:
Screenshots may seem low in quality due to my low graphics setting.
STAGE 1         
PLANET: P4X 630 (remake of sgtc planet from map sg_loop)
OBJECTIVES: Tau'ri must escape trough the gate to P4X 639 and disable the time loop device. Goa'uld must prevent them from escaping.

[img width=230 height=172]http://pix.nofrag.com/8/a/d/7dd287213f27fa88d7a857d865c1c.jpg[/img] [img width=230 height=172]http://pix.nofrag.com/4/9/a/3e0ac2500ec6ce6c549fe3970701b.jpg[/img]

[img width=230 height=172]http://pix.nofrag.com/1/1/4/d908a2ffb9dc9f6519a614a9055b9.jpg[/img] [img width=230 height=172]http://pix.nofrag.com/c/2/9/9eac63349a9d90012736c98988315.jpg[/img]

[img width=230 height=172]http://pix.nofrag.com/c/8/6/c6e85b20a4c5ffcae2c42c9adef52.jpg[/img] [img width=230 height=172]http://pix.nofrag.com/2/c/0/e776b22b83c890ec9797446165fd6.jpg[/img]

[img width=230 height=172]http://pix.nofrag.com/5/9/0/9ad1f5360c7f1749ceaf1ee10ad4d.jpg[/img] [img width=230 height=172]http://pix.nofrag.com/2/d/2/0c794f50ccb9b4021d87ffe6420f0.jpg[/img]

[img width=230 height=172]http://pix.nofrag.com/c/6/0/9a72756b12996efe33dd6a81026bd.jpg[/img] [img width=230 height=172]http://pix.nofrag.com/0/e/9/f379afa12314c507a94b1a24961d3.jpg[/img]

PLANET:  P4X 639(planet from SG-1 episode "Window of oportunities"
OBJECTIVES: Tau'ri must disable the time loop device to return home. They must do so by pressing the correct combination of moving panels on the device, just like in the show. Goa'uld must meanwhile do anything necessary to prevent the loop from breaking and Tau'ri from escaping.

Sorry folks, don't have any screenies here yet, but the device is created and working, just need some proper textures. So you'll just have to take my word for it when I say that it looks really sweet 8)

PLANET:  P3X 409
OBJECTIVES: Before returning to Earth Tau'ri must go to P3X 409, a recently discovered planet that has great amount of naquada resource, meet up with SG-13 and barrow a GDO to be able to return to SGC. Goa'uld must once again do anything they can to stop Tau'ri.

[img width=230 height=172]http://pix.nofrag.com/4/b/f/fa86a7c2c6ccdbe52f79b5cff57cd.jpg[/img] [img width=230 height=172]http://pix.nofrag.com/7/4/6/cd96f800bf5affa5f8ed537e84ca4.jpg[/img]

[img width=230 height=172]http://pix.nofrag.com/1/4/0/cf023d7c9b1e0d9f3e9ff3f9b7168.jpg[/img] [img width=230 height=172]http://pix.nofrag.com/9/9/d/da02b6a23fc07a3c10d760b359b24.jpg[/img]

[img width=230 height=172]http://pix.nofrag.com/d/c/c/da03589c0682e734930c73a6deb28.jpg[/img] [img width=230 height=172]http://pix.nofrag.com/f/3/7/b6109a04fe9c4bc9762f8c8f4fe97.jpg[/img]

OBJECTIVES: After retrieving the GDO Tau'ri now have a chance to return to Earth. All they must do is get back to the gate, dial home, use the GDO to lover the IRIS and return to SGC. But it won't be that easy.. Goa'uld have now secured defensive positions at the gate and are not willing to give up this last chance to stop the Tau'ri and prove who are the most skillful warriors.

[img width=230 height=172]http://pix.nofrag.com/7/3/4/33d1331595b57ee38286e3c70954f.jpg[/img] [img width=230 height=172]http://pix.nofrag.com/1/f/c/a00489d853d960f3f9e9b37ac9d53.jpg[/img]

[img width=230 height=172]http://pix.nofrag.com/e/7/1/cdcdd745272f85345ee3d050bd9e2.jpg[/img] [img width=230 height=172]http://pix.nofrag.com/1/c/e/67e16f0bdc24a51578a4bab392f09.jpg[/img]

Freeman551: Project Manager/Lead Code/The Almighty Lord

I've been moving us to the orange box engine and lots of other various stuff. :p


Well that was our first instalment of our new feature "What Ya Doin'?".

Now we've got some more screenshots to show you as we know that you love your monthly fix of eye candy so here you go.  ;D



[img width=230 height=172]http://pix.nofrag.com/0/0/1/441ddd280d107b22284c2975239ec.jpg[/img]  [img width=230 height=172]http://pix.nofrag.com/4/d/9/a5fbecbf9034947b10661629b1094.jpg[/img]

[img width=230 height=172]http://pix.nofrag.com/b/0/c/e58aeaec78c9a6341728aa5fcc286.jpg[/img]  [img width=230 height=172]http://pix.nofrag.com/b/8/c/81d34c14511ce28225ee02f69612d.jpg[/img]

Well that's all for this month. It's been a jam packed one and we hope you come onto the forums and talk to us guys and if you have questions then please feel free to pop on the forums and ask. We will be more than happy to try and answer your question but you must remember we may not be able to answer your question fully as we are holding back new information to be released in our monthly new posts.

If you are skilled in Mapping or Modelling or both then please apply in our forum with examples of your past work. All applicants need to have past experience with the source engine.

Farewell from all at the Stargate Legacy Team.


For got to put up the Febuary news here  but I doubt anyone is checking these blogs out xP 

SGL: Beta Signup!!!

SGL: Beta Signup!!!

Mobius_gen Blog
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yoyo yo wassup homy

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Mobius_gen Creator

Ehm, not...much?

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You rock my socks.


Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
Mobius_gen Creator

Socks are made to rock.

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Mobius i know you joined the CW mod studio but i was wondering if you could assist me with makeing the mod. I would greatly appreciate it. Leave me a comment on any of the profiles. Thanks in advanced.

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Mobius_gen Creator

I don't think I'd be of much help at this point :( sorry

Reply Good karma+3 votes

O. Well it was worth a shot anyways. I hope you enjoy the mod and future versions to come

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Allright then, Enjoy. Also there is a new version uploaded awaiting aprovel.

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So how was it Mobius?

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Mobius_gen Creator

I've downloaded it but I havn't had the time to try out yet :(

But I've got plenty of time now so I'll be trying it out this evening :)

(dled the patch aswell)

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