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There's a new powerful enemy type in the Fire Temple! New content all over the place. An updated packed with stuff. Have a look at our VIDEO dev diary.

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We reached a milestone with the Son of Nor project this week and everybody and their brother committed to SVN what they've been working on.

  • It's time to say hello in Gaeilge, aka Irish.
  • There's a new variation of the Fire Temple Camp level. You know the one at night, now there's one at dawn. It's in line with the story for when you get OUT of the Fire Temple after having unraveled its secrets.
  • A Sarahul army moves through the camp after you get out. They look like Morlocks of the movie Time Machine ;)
  • The camp has been extended. New content above the scaffold that we showed some dev diaries ago.
  • New content: a new canyon sidearm that leads up to the actual Fire Temple was created.
  • New machinery has been placed into the Fire Temple. Blockout assets are slowly being replaced by more polished models as work on those models progresses.
  • There's a new enemy type in the Fire Temple, uuuh.
  • Simultaneously, we're working on a completely NEW area that comes after the Fire Temple. It's in a veeery rough shape still.
  • Good news for Fire Temple Camp backers: the build of the pre-alpha level for the add-on backers is almost done!
  • Good news for Sandbox backers: An updated build is coming your way for in the Humble Store! We've updated it with an Essence Magic source, all the relevant spell combinations and we're going to place an enemy spawner for you so you can try smashing some enemies for yourself! Watch out for an email stating the updated build being ready for download :) And don't forget to send in feedback with our built-in F5 menu!
  • Get into the discussion and join our forum: forum.sonofnor.com

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