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Post news RSS Son of Nor VIDEO Dev Diary #31 - Sarahul Dispenser

New visual effects to see in this week's update for fire and wind spells. And don't forget our upcoming Kickstarter campaign. EXCITING TIMES!

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Beside all the stress, yet excitement for the coming Kickstarter campaign, the production team continues implementing things into our daily builds. This is what happened this week.

  • Improved character animation controller: Animations now have shorter transition times and the character reacts more quickly to input changes.
  • Work on the fire burst visual effect. Experimentation with different types of flames.
  • Fire burst and wind push can now be cast up- and downwards. This is useful in up- and downhill battles. Previously, these spells could only be cast on the same horizontal axis the player was on, making up- and downhill battles impossible.
  • New fire enhancement visual effect.
  • New wind push visual effect.
  • Sarahul with bows now got a bow shooting animation. But we need to put the bow into the other hand. Last minute features always suffer from bugs...
  • I take an arrow to the ... behind.
  • Not exactly a feature, more of a byproduct. The Sarahul dispenser at work.
  • Julian takes a nap while I bring you weekly updates.
  • 3 DAYS to our Kickstarter campaign! We are still praying as some account verification process seems to still be ongoing. How long does that stuff take! Arghhh. Our nerves...

Cake!:D - - 1,858 comments

Excellent work!

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d10sfan - - 494 comments

very nice! looking forward to the kickstarter

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giboxd - - 19 comments


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Sph!nx - - 722 comments

Great update as always. One thing though, the wind visuals look more like steam to me. Wind should be visible, but subtle, imho.

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Drakenreiter - - 29 comments

Lovely! The game looks much more fluid now, both the actual movement and the way things react to your actions and all that. The fire effect looks better, but still very dull. It looks way too much like some orange glow when it should look like... well... fire! Its texture is wrong I guess (maybe it's a placeholder anyway?). It's shaping up quite well to be honest. I still remember the first time I saw your game with those prototype videos that looked quite silly, haha. It feels like it hasn't been very long since then, which to me makes the progress seem really good. Can't wait to see the KS launch and point others to it (as it's the only things that I can do, as I said before). Cheers!

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Henley - - 1,973 comments

The voice audio has gotten so much better in these videos. Kudos! Keep it up.

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