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In this week's Dev Diary, Julian takes us through a very cool and rather educational talk about improving the performance of the game through the levels!

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In this week's dev diary, Julian takes you through a very cool and rather educational presentation about improving the performance of the game!

  • Alert: a lot of coder art is shown, so brace yourselves.
  • The Havoc Beam. The ultimate elemental spell combination, it's super, it's powerful, and it's still in the works.
  • Julian talks about performance optimization. It is very important to us that the game runs as smoothly as possible, of course.
  • The terraforming now runs on a different CPU core. We're getting a lot more frames per second now.
  • Our biggest level was a little crazy and unplayable at first. We used far too many and detailed colliders. We optimized them to find the sweet spot between collision detection and frame rate.
  • Performance was also improved with the creation of occlusion culling data. In other words, only objects that can be seen are rendered. Take a look, it is pretty cool seeing it work!

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Very impressive features! The level of rendered polygon and collider detail is amazing and seems to be on par with commercial games.

Did you have to make the culling system yourself or was there something implemented in Unity out of the box?

BTW I loved the pun about coder art. But it's not half bad compared to what is usually presented without warnings. :)

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Very informative. Thanks) Now,I know what we will make in our game next))

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Excellent, very impressive!

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