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I got robbed yesterday. But I managed to complete the dev diary about our struggle with rock formations and experimentation with image effects. Enjoy.

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Creating a game is a story of many people's individual lives. Yesterday, my life took a bitter twist. My appartment was broken into the day I made this dev diary :( About 2500$ worth of stuff is gone. I guess I'm happy nobody got hurt.

I certainly had my share of frustration the past weeks. But there's good news, too.

  • Modular rock formations don't seem to work out for us. We're struggling with finding the right technique to make them look good, but watch for yourself. There are some learnings there. We're not giving up though!
  • We're experimenting with image effects like bloom, blur, vignette, depth of field. Settings are quite sensitive, adjusting numbers a little bit might have a big effect and could quickly look bad. But we found some interesting settings we show you in this diary.

So, enjoy this hopefully once in a lifetime DEV DIARY #12 SPECIAL ROBBERY EDITION.


Im so sorry to have heard about the robbery! I hate some people. Your game, however looks awesome! Best of luck, and from now on I very much hope things are less burglar-ey for you!

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That really sucks. But hold your head high, keep up the good work.

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Wow, that really sucks!
Sounds like they got your computer...
I hope you had some off-site backups

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ChrisPolus Author

Thanks guys for the kind words. Fortunately they weren't interested in electronic. Probably too complicated transporting them and then selling on ebay. Takes too much time. So they only took money and valuables, leaving the rest of the stuff intact. Soo I guess I was lucky.

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