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Hello Everyone, In my first news I want give you a few links which can show you more informations about game. Let's check this :)

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Pbgame.dbv.pl official site of the project

Youtube.com - first official trailer of the game (many things are better now like clouds, graphic)

Esenthel.com - official playable version (0.13)

And small advertisement:

We are looking for 3d graphics, 2d graphics and programmers. For more informations please send me Private Message.

I think you'll enjoy it :) See you later :)

daleluck1313 - - 78 comments

I'll be willing to work on the 3D graphics for the game :) A couple of questions and points however:

1.) I won't be able to make characters. At the moment, I just don't have the expertise to make models THAT complex. However, I am good at making objects, scenery, building and the like.

2.) What model file format will be used? I have access to Blender to make files, and from previous jobs I've noticed problems with a FEW problems with exporting it to .3ds, like face flipping. If this is a problem, tell me.

3.) Texturing isn't my expertise - so if you get someone else to do that, I'd get the models done a lot faster (having one less thing to do) and the whole process would go a lot smoother.

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Harrymaster Author
Harrymaster - - 9 comments

1. And what's with vehicles?

2. Usually I use .obj format. I export files in Blender with checked Objects Group and Normal options and I uncheck Material options. I don;t have any problems with this.

3. For simple model I can make textures myself but for moels like humans and vehicles I need graphics 2d.

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daleluck1313 - - 78 comments

I'm fine with doing vehicles.

Fair enough, I'm fine with doing that too then.

S'all good - I'm fine with doing textures, I'm just worried that the texture map will not remain changed (so that the texture fits on) after exporting, but if you say there's no problems, then that's fine.

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