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I am an avid game player, designer and programmer. Mostly the design part (I haven't fully got to grips with C++, as of yet, but I'm on my way).

I'm looking to build a portfolio for myself through work on indie games, helping with art, design, story, etc. Or whatever is needed of me. I'm hoping to get into a full-time career once I leave school, and that would help one hell of a lot.

That being said, I'll be willing to help with any mods or games that people are making, just send me a PM on here.

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Looking For Work

daleluck1313 Blog

I'm currently looking for work to build my portfolio, to aid me in a future career in game development.

I'll be willing to work on both commerical games, indie games and mods - obviously though, on mods and indie games I won't be charging for my services.

I'll be willing to work on:

  • Environmental Concept Art
  • Story / Any Form of Writing or Literature
  • Level Design and Balancing
  • 3D Modelling (Currently Using Blender (Exports to .3ds - 3DStudio file)
Just so you know, I'm a 15 year old male from the United Kingdom. I have good art skills and modelling skills. My writing level is also much maturer than you'd expect from someone of my age, and my knowledge of games in general (like what works well and what doesn't) is also "above par", as it were.

If you wish to hire me to do any work, just send me a message, and we'll discuss the finer details.

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