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Hi, my name is Max and today i'm glad to intriduce you my very first game project - RULE.

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Hi, my name is Max and today i'm glad to intriduce you my very first game project - RULE.


For a very long time i've been dreaming about making my own ideal RPG where the player can do absolutely anything he wants to do. The idea of RULE first came to me about two years ago and that time it was very abitious multiplayer game with thousands of players in one location etc. Soon I realized that huge scale doesnt' mean a good quality and the game itself should give to the player the feel of adventure and exploration.

I had many ideas about the game and the ways to do it. Some concepts are still on my PC:


First i wanted to make 2D project then it envolved into minecraft-like JAVA game with some poleplaying elements. Ive never worked with Java before and after some time had passed i realized that i should look for other game-engine. And then i found information about Unity, tried it and realized that it would be ideal game-engine for me. So, two long years of searching were not in vane and about week ago i finnaly started to make my game - RULE.

- random generated huge open world;
- random dynamic quests;
- realistic survival and craft system;
- NPC with their own characters, stories and goals - all random generated;
- oldschool-like roleplay system;
- real economic simulation;

For the last week a made some progress in world generation and roleplay system:


Stats and Skills progress (v 0.01)
Stats and skills progress

Forest (v 0.01)

Start of the game (v 0.01)
Game start


Stats and Skills progress - Indie DB

I hope you enjoyed all stuff here.
Stay with RULE, have a nice day and till next time!


You should be very proud of what you've learned in Unity; It looks great. I don't know much about building games in Unity but you better not have your eyes set on one huge world yet. I would look into semi-big areas to load into. I could be very wrong about Unity limitations though. There's bound to have been someone who's tried one large world. About using java though, don't be afraid to put time into learning that because it would be a lot more valuable. Look at Pirates! on the nes. You'll see just how free you can feel in a 2D game.

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Cyfieithydd Author

Yeah, the main problem of Unity is heightmaps size of the terrain. You can actually make huge terran, but it's very comlicate to edit it. Now i'm thinking how to make big world without using standart Unity features and write a script, that genetates all the landscapes. Unity can use .js, bus as i said, i haven't learned this language, c# is much useful for now.
Thanks for the comment:)

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Good idea, are you going to randomize vegetation and such? And I really meant it about Pirates! just sit down with a nes emulator and try to understand that game. There's not really a big difference between a picture of a bustling town at eye level, with options to go to various locations than walking around one in 3D; It actually disappoints me to see only 5 or 8 houses on an island that's supposed to be the busiest in the Caribbean at the time. You just have to use some imagination ;)

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Cyfieithydd Author

Yes: vegetation, caves, water sources, towns, vallages etc. Every time you start a new game worlds shape will be different. Names of the villages, towns and of course NPCs will be also random.
Yes, 2D game is great, but i think if i had to choose between isometric Diablo and 3d Morrowind i would prefer the last one. It's my personal visual feel:)

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Looks really promising

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