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Some new ships that I'll soon make playable in Escape the Sector.

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Even thought I’m actually quite enthusiastic about working on BotSumo after finding many videos of people playing it, I’ve still got to finish a feature on Escape the sector that allows you to choose the player ship.

I keep distracting myself by adding new spaceships (which is just so fun to do!). Here’s some new ones I made recently.

Voxel spaceshipVoxel dragonfly spaceshipcruiser from behindCruiserSkimmerFighter

These will obviously join Dave Bisseg’s assets that I’ve already mentioned.

I've been trying these out with slightly different speeds and turn rates. Here's a video:

I’ve also created a spaceman, which I’m not sure if I’ll use because he’ll have to be very very small to keep the scale!

voxel spaceman created in magicavoxel

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