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March 25, 2023 Update: Solomon Tower II Chapter 1 Free Open Beta Released.

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It feels like it has been quite sometime since first posting Solomon Tower II when in fact, it has only been a few days. Since then, I have continued to work towards a final product, with a few bug fixes and improvements, and have launched the first chapter beta test on the Google Play Store for free. There is still much to be done with this project, but I feel this is a great point to go public with the progress so far. The remaining chapters will be released on the full version with a beta testing option.

Here's a link to Chapter 1 Free on the Google Play Store: Solomon Tower II: Chapter 1

So, what is Solomon Tower II? It's an Action-Adventure RPG built with Unity with a focus on Android development with iOS and other platforms to follow. It was inspired by "Diablo Style" gameplay with dungeons and caves to explore with some puzzles along the way. Where Solomon Tower II shines is with the equipment and inventory system, granting players with incredible powers and custom builds to maximize your characters stats. There are 6 character classes, each with a unique set of skills and play-styles and just for fun, fully customizable avatars!

SS 06 1080

SS 05 1080

SS 07 1080

The game begins with a short cutscene and interactive tutorial before your hero begins their journey. As you level-up, you acquire new skills and abilities. In the video below, you will see a brief example of how to set up a new game, create an avatar, the tutorial and some initial gameplay. Skip to 2 minutes to watch the tutorial or skip to 4:53 for the gameplay. (Just ignore the crazy hair... It has a mind of it's own.)

As the game progresses, so does the difficulty. The mobs use skills and spells and the levels become maze-like with a few boss fights along the way.

SS 01 1080

So, what's next? First up, I want to polish a few things in chapter 1 and release an update, then on to finalizing and releasing chapters 2 & 3, which the levels have already been completed. For now, if this looks like a game you might enjoy, please consider trying it out with one of the options below. Technically, both chapter 1 and the full versions are in Open Beta, but the remaining chapters will only be added to the full version for testing. If you prefer to wait for the final release, consider pre-registration.

Chapter 1 Free

Full Open Beta

Full Pre-Registration

Thank you for your time! If you have any questions, concerns, suggestions or any other comment, please feel free to send me a message!


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