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Get a small sneak peak at the new Per Area Ambience tweaks that our artists can use!

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One of the best things about working with OverDose is that its just so flexible for artists to add what they want. You can, if you wish, make levels totally out of models (In fact, we advise you to do so). You can create rich, detailed particle effects to sell a certain dust storm mood... Or you can play with programmable shaders and take the level of detail in your game world even further.

OverDose allows artists the chance to take that next step to selling the mood of a scene by giving you more control over what you see; Bloom, Contrast (Mins/Max), RGB Saturation, RGB Screen Colour Tinting, Blue Shift, Gamma etc can all be changed by the artist per area. That means that if you want a dark, moody underground area with high bloomyness and high contrast, but also want a clear, clean blue tinted outdoor snow area, its totally possible, and will even blend in-between transitions:

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"Post Process effects can really sell a mood."

that's a default value, nobody has to stick to it. If you want a level to be totally black and white (Say, a past battle, for instance), or maybe you want a totally colour filled level set in the Mushroom Kingdom, you can. Its that flexible.

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"Many crazy visual styles are possible."

Like our light editor, the Ambience editor is available at any time ingame, and allows you to not only change different areas on the fly, but also allows you to update and save your files. This allows maximum visual attention to detail while being so easy just about anybody can use it.

Pretty soon I'll be showcasing some of the new graphical tweaks to the engine, namely Sub Surface Scattering, Parallax Mapping, Real Time Ambient Occlusion and more... So stay tuned for more info :)

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nopushbutton - - 719 comments

Cool, it's like a movie! (post-processing scenes in different ways to attain different moods)

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Woolybear777 - - 463 comments

Wow. This is really cool!

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SinKing - - 3,119 comments

Really looks incredibly good for Tech2, even though you rewrote so much code. If you hurry up a little you can actually release this as an indie-title, provided you get a good gameplay going and write a story full of plotholes ;).

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SIGILL - - 1,157 comments

I have to agree with SinKing, this looks incredibly good :)

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InStars - - 670 comments

I usually turn off Post-Processing effects in games, because they usually make game look just bluier not better. However there are exceptions, like Crysis. Post-Processing effects are good, if they are not overpowered with crazy blur and ultra bright lights.

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GavinStevens Author
GavinStevens - - 620 comments

I can't stand DOF blue while playing usually. If its really subtle (Killzone 2) and not over powered its fine. But when you have games that blur anything over 5 feet away (UT3) it just turns into a big mess.

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