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In this update of the scrolls of Eithador The Great War you will find out the progress which have been made on the game recently. This time it is Smithing which have came on leaps and bounds since the last update regarding it. Please feel free to leave a comment and tell me the sections you like the sound of and what you think could be improved to make this game feel better.

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An Update (13th December 2013)

Things are getting bigger, better and organized here at I.M The Game Runner! The work which have been done on the game recently is major but may seem like it was already done; smithing was done but poorly optimized, hard to add more items too and was just badly done but now it fresh and new. It works well with mouse and keyboard input allowing for it to be done entirely by mouse if you so wish and also keyboard if you so wish.

How do Recipes work?

The way the recipes work with smithing is that all items you craft only use one bar which must be heated in a fire and then used with a anvil; this is the stage where you pick the item you wish to craft. Some items you wish to craft will require multiple items to make which won't just be in that area of crafting. This may sound hard to use as you won't know what you need to combine with what but this is shown to you in a picture when you wish crafting the object, as shown below.

Quality and Heat effect on the Item

The bearing on these factors have a large overall effect on the end result of the item worth and usefulness as these alter the effective of the item such as how much damage a blade will do in combat and also how long the item last. This gives an intensive for people to master this area of the game and also if they do not wish too seek out highly skilled people to forge their items and weaponry.


This area of the game may sound fun to start off with but in big bulks players may become bored of having to make their items in this way so there is a built in quantity making option which will allow up to 10 of the same objects to be crafted at a time. The quality and heat bearings on the item will only apply to the first item you crafted in that bulk and then the others in that bulk build will be within a certain range which can be higher or lower than the original item in the bulk meaning you are lacking quality and durability for quicker production.

Thank you for reading this update and please feel free to tell me what you think of this mechanic and ways it could be improved below.

Also feel free to send me messages regarding the game etc.

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Good stuff

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Thank you!

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