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MODUS is a skill-shot, artillery game that demands trajectory estimation and quick reaction from the player. It combines the traditional turn-based gameplay with real-time action elements. We are planning to initially release on PC through Steam's Greenlight program and branch into Co-op play and PVP.

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Important Update:

Due to popular demand of the audience, MODUS will be launched initially for PvP battle arena with the story campaign released as an addon for future content release. The PvP will be free-to-play on Steam.

Some unique features of MODUS include:

Real-time parrying system:
A core mechanic in MODUS that negates oncoming attacks. As the MODUS is very fragile, a few hits from aliens will surely destroy you, thus, this is mechanic is vital to your survival. Proper timing is key, as the camera follows the enemy projectiles, the player must know when to activate the shield.

Vertical Gameplay:
Traditional flat level terrain doesn't add a lot of strategies or generate much terrain advantage. By creating multi-level platforms and allowing jumping, player can use ledges and cliffs to gain an advantage over the aliens and find new ways of completing a mission. Player can also navigate the unique terrain to find hidden items.

Final armaments:
Each MODUS is unique and have a “super” attack that must be charged. Regardless if it is a hyper cannon or lightning storm, you can be sure we will make it flashy and totally worth the wait.

Various mission objectives:
The game is not all about shooting down aliens. Though it is fun to do it, it does get repetitive. In MODUS, you will find that there are various mission objectives that tightly fits with the storyline, and they are not "kill all enemies" type of missions. Demolition, civilian rescue, barrage survival are just some of the objectives you encounter.

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