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Post news RSS Skelittle : A Giant Party ! Gets an update !

Yesterday we updated Skelittle : A Giant Party !! check out the new improvements, the latest news, and grab a steam key, you deserve it !

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Hi everyone !

We've made quite a lot of thingies lately, including a tiny update ! Here are the improvements that you will notice if you didn't play lately !

Artwork   Video Preview

Third Update's content


  • Dash function have been standardized for all mini games
  • Adds Option menu (Graphics + SFX)
  • New textures for the characters
  • Adds Giant Party Launcher : Now, you can launch the party you want !
  • Adds countdown when leaving the pause menu
  • Adds “Finished !!” text at the end of each game
  • Timers are bigger
  • Adds music in the Pause Menu
  • SFX in the Pause Menu
  • Volume of the musics has been reduced
  • New music for the tutorial


The Stash :

  • Bug “Multiplication Character instances” fixed
  • Countdown to go to Giant Party reduced

HeliSlicing :

  • Adds Dash animation
  • Adds character voices
  • Adds vibrations
  • New system for blade rotation at start to avoid spawn kill
  • Character Colliders Size fixed
  • Bug dash/jump at the same time fixed

Bash in Bath :

  • New ambiant SFX

Water Sprinkler :

  • New environment
  • Improvement of the water bomb’s position
  • Improvement of the movement system
  • Life number have been reduced to 3

Pulp Friction :

  • New environment

Midnight Hunting :

  • New SFX : mosquito shot / firefly shot / glass impact
  • Adds a firefly invincibility when it respawn
  • Mosquitoes come back faster when firefly lights up
  • Balls projectile blocked fixed

Piston to Mars :

  • Amelioration of the SFX mix

We're currently working on...

We thought that as every Skelittle has its own personality, we should make it more obvious within the game ! This is why we are working on victory animations ! We've asked our team members to dance in our studio so our animator would have references. Here's one of the work in progress she has made so far !

ezgif com resize

We've also reworked the entire Steal and Escape level, as the players were telling us regularly that they couldn't see their characters easily, because of the camera angle. The level is now tinier, allowing everyone to clearly spot their Skelittle ! We've also replaced the candies with shiny bolts, making it more obvious that your character is holding something !

ezgif com video to gif

We're also working on dust trail effects when your character runs, but so far, it's been a little mess. As you can see it looks like anything but a trail of dust. We might have done a flashy firework instead, so that's something !

ezgif com video to gif 1

Sooo that's it for the moment, we'll tell you some more when we have some more things to share ! If you'd like to know something about Skelittle, do not hesitate to ask us below ! Until then, take one of these to reward you for your patience, as usually, first arrived, first served !


More about Skelittle : A Giant Party !!
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Until next time, take care of you guys and good luck in your GameDev process !

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