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Post news RSS SITREP#4 - Dismemberment gone to far?

Is that question even viable, while raining down explosives from 10,000 feet?

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I wanted to outline quickly a refinement of the GAU12 25mm cannon. Firing from 1,800 to 4,200 rounds per minute (holy smokes), you can imagine that the barrels can get hot quite fast. With overheating, you can expect the barrel metal to expand, creating more room for the round in the barrel, leading to greater inaccuracy.

I've attempted to model this by allowing the weapon to be relatively accurate while firing in short bursts. However, when firing longer bursts, you can see a much wider dispersion of rounds. Excessive firing can lead to weapon failures as well, so burst firing is certainly the way to go.

The 25mm is meant to be effective against personnel, but maybe this is a bit too effective? It may take a bit to find the right balance, but one thing is for sure, this is too much fun!

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