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As the project enters it's final stages, I wanted to give it the chance to blossom into something extra special, but to do that I need your help!

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Much remains beyond my power as a single developer, and to finish the game right and give it the polish and shine that it deserves I need the skills of others more talented than myself. The additional resources that will hopefully be provided by the campaign will also free me to add an additional level of design and feature polish that time and practicality would have otherwise rendered unwise.

Find the campaign and further info here, and thanks for checking it out!

If you love the project but can't contribute to the campaign, you still can help out by spreading the word. This is even more important in the long run because even if the campaign doesn't succeed the fans you help bring to the game will still have had the chance to have a good time leading their turtle legions to victory! And if they didn't have fun, some of them may let me know why, enabling me to make the game even better. Win-Win!

Have an awesome week and thanks for reading!
~ Heftig

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