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The shop system within Reborn.

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Literally everything ingame can host a shop, from a vending machine, an AIC, a robot, a shop.

But what are the differences:

The mostly shop ow beahves like in the real world, that means they will open the shop at a certain hour , maybe take a pause for eating, reopen the shop in the afternoon and so far so on, they also could decide to keep the shop open 24hrs a day.

Maybe the owner of the shop could get sick at home and dont open it, or maybe there's a riot in the city and he will decide to stay home and dont open the shop.

In the world of Reborn events influence the shop owners as we already descibed in the previous article.

shop 3

shop 2

To interact with a shop owner press "E" in frot of him and click on browse my goods, if the shop is open at that moment he will shows you a list of goods, if not you'll see a message says at which our it opens, remember in their free time shop owner enjoy the freedom and they will care of their hobbies in the city.

There are basically 2 types of shops:

Basic Shops:
The basic shop which sell everything related to his own area, I.e. Hacking supplies sells parts/softare usefull to hack through the terminal or add more power to it.Normally the prices of the items in the shops depends also from the actual mood of the owner.
There's an actual daily amount of supplies stored in the shop when they are finished you must wait for resupply,
when the shop close, each day at 24 anyway, the shop will be resupplied and the items restocked based on their actual shop criteria.
When you sell back an item the shop owner will buy it with a cut based on their actual mood or the faction.

shop 5 1

shop 6

shop 7

Every AIC, in the world belong to a faction so if you have rank with the faction he belongs to, you can have very good discount at buyin.
Another very important thing Related to the faction system is that, at the beginning you'll not be able to see very special and rare items sold from the shop owner: you'll see them and buy it whan you get enough rank with the faction the AIC belongs too, througout all the game many hint s will be given to you to guess special items are sold in some shops, keep talk to people and get often back to all the shops.

When you sell back an item the shop owner will put back for sale with the flag preowned and you have 1 day of game time to eventually rebuy it, when it's gone it's gone! So pay attention of what you sell.

Pawn Shops:
The owner keeps the item in his storage and apply a daily interest on you, but pays you back more that a normal shop. This means that every day an interest will be deducted from your wallet automatically.

shop 4

Why use the pawn shops?

Let's say that you get a really rare drop, but for example you dont have the proficiency to use it, but you are in need of money for any other reason (Virtual life is expensiveI :)) you can get money from the pawn shop without loosing the property of the object and redeem it after.

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These are really nice to see, all kinds of shops from small comic stores to pawn shop so you can sell your grinded stuff on the market.

Really hope the online market will also be implemented as he has spoken of inside his earlier online streams.
But for that we have to wait so we can see.

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