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Keeping you updated on the development of Shavra, a fantasy action-adventure game.

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Alright! Time for an update!

I know that what I have shown the last time was already rather polished so I'll have to warn you that what will be shown in this update is in an a lot more "raw" state.:)

Estimating a release date for anything I do is impossible at the moment. I think I get a couple of evenings to work in GG and something comes in between and I don't touch Shavra for days in a row. Then I suddenly make a lot more progress than expected and am tempted to believe that it will always go this fast. I have been working on this on and off for the last couple of days and just plan to get the alpha out this year and then see how it progresses (the game and the engine).

The dullest thing about making a video game (I have already evaded a lot of dull procedures by using a plattform like GG) must be the tiresome adjusting and improving of furniture and clutter items. You need them for your game but its just so mindnumbingly boring to retexture a bunch of cabinets. :/
I usually listen to music or some kinda lecture. Sometimes watch some internet video or a show on the side. ...can only recommend to do it that way because you gotta do it if you want your game to look the "video" part of "videogame" :)

Aside from that complaint, I had a lot of fun working on the chars and these new environments. I have started to furnish the interior of the Abbey and am almost done with the other side of the island. Here you'll be hunting 2 dinosaur like creatures that have attacked the settlements (hence the pallisades everywhere, by the way)

I can also say with certainty what kind of levels will be seen in the Alpha-demo:

Aresh-Ren (By evening and nighttime)
Areshian Abbey
Interior of several huts
Pub (day and night)
Cave (optional: sidequest only)

I am aware that these look similar to what has been seen before. This is because we are still on the same island, just on the other side of it. Developing does take a lot longer than playing ;)

You'll see a bunch of sunrays in this update... cause its neat :P

I'm happy that I have a bunch of bearded chars for the game. Adds to the fantasy mystique. This is a docent at the abbey. I want him to give you a dialogue based sidequest, but haven't worked on any of how I can achieve that to be interesting.

The lecture hall. West wing of the Abbey.

First thing you see once you enter the other side of the island. Its an a bit more woodsy area.

I'm happy to share this! I think I managed to make this level feel really "breathing".

Swampy coast.

Abandoned huts. As mentioned before: large dinosaur like predators are roaming the area and you need to deal with them.

:D A small animated turtle I got for FPSC a couple years back. It finally has its uses.

Entrance Hall, Areshian Abbey.

And ending on a lush, foresty note is a nice way to wrap up the screenshots. Please leave some feedback if you wish.

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Very nice! Wonderful location and great job on the naturesque environments. the lighting is great as well. I see you have been hard at work detailing these locations and populating them with trees, shrubs and assets.
Keep up the hard work

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