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Post news RSS Shattered Throne Challenges Desktop Generals on Steam Early Access

Shattered Throne released on Steam Early Access this Tuesday, 6/7/2016.

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Shattered Throne available Tuesday (June 7th) on Steam Early Access for Windows, Mac, and Linux PCs.

The Divine Empire has fallen. Hordes of Undead ravage her lands, and the forgotten Fae ride in retribution. Many battle for personal ambition, others for justice, and some just do not have anything better to do. Knights, necromancers, blade dancers, angels, ghouls, and many more all clash on the fields of battle.

Turn based strategy at its finest. Fight for three different factions, each with their unique play style. Choose a General to command your army, each with their own advantages and powers to turn the tide of battle. Master the combo system to destroy your opponent. Upgrade villages to sustain your assault, and claim victory with champion and heroic troops forged in the fires of conflict. No random numbers to blame, carefully consider each move as you work to out-think your enemy.

Fight through the sprawling campaign, engage other players in asynchronous online matches, or simply play one of several skirmish maps.

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