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Today we'll talk about music, SFX and audio voice-overs for Alder's Blood.

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Wishlist Alder's Blood - Store.steampowered.com

Hey hey! Mike here with another DevLog for Alder’s Blood.
There were a lot of things happening and I mean A LOT! The biggest thing was a successful Kickstarter campaign and all that comes with it.

Probably the best of these things were all the new audio assets we could record for the game. And boy there is some to look at..or to hear at? Anyway, what did we get recently?

Another package of SFX for abilities, UI, etc. We are still missing some of them, but we are close to have almost every sound in this field. The new effects sounds great, my favs are probably the flash grenade effect and the effect for entering hunter sense. I cannot stress enough how happy I am with all these SFX, so I wanna do a quick shout out to the creator of these Chris Kowal Facebook.com

We also get us some more music scores for Alder’s Blood. Thanks to David Obaniyi and Moritz Sebastian Karzewski we now have twice that much music now! Two more scores for the “strategy layer” and another piece for the tactical missions.

And last but not least we also have voice acting! Yep, the whole tutorial is now voiced and we also have some very short lines for the NPC conversations! Take a look!

All of these things combined increased the production value of the game tremendously! The effect is great and awesome and I just love it. Seriously, I’m super hyped for these additions and I just hope you will like them as well.

And since the closed beta is now on, at least some of you can experience all of that yourself! For those of you who hadn’t pledge on our Kickstarter, do not worry! There's a stream where I explained most of the recent changes.

Ok, guys, it’s all for today. Keep warm and see you on a new one!

Wishlist Alder's Blood - Store.steampowered.com

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