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With this new article I will show some improvements, new systems and some news in project. I also fixed some bugs and it moved forward a little more in development state.

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server client updates fixs

Server and Client Updates and Fix's

With this new article I will show some improvements, new systems and some news in project. I also fixed some bugs and it moved forward a little more in development state.

Health and mana regeneration system.

I would like to start talking about this system. I started the project with this basic system for all classes of the game. As more points in willpower in your character you will recover more life, as more points in intelligence his character will recover more points in mana. Until then I had done this system and was completed but I just needed to show all players connected the regenerated values of each character. With this improvement in this system all online character can see the other player recovering your values with time. You will be able to create builds for your character recover more health or more mana, the way you want, as stronger more will be able to restore more health and mana.

Player Interface

I started to develop the player interface, the interface shows simple things like name, class, race, life, mana. I did this interface to be as simple as possible bringing a retro aspect for the game and not much polluting the look of the game.

player interface

Player Races

previously, when creating a player was only possible to use the male human but I finished the character creation system and can now be used the three races so far that are human, orc and dark elf. I made a picture showing all races connected at the same time in the world of elder tales.

Elder Tales All Races

Server Console

I improved a lot in the project, the server now correctly handles all accounts the game, connections, time connected, disconnects case fall to host internet and other issues, saves everyone at a fixed time, improvements have been made to process data and other things . Now this more stable, more compact, does not lose data, and other things. The server will always be improved as new systems and others ocasions. Here is a example of the console improved.

ElderTales Server Conole

Bug Fixs


  • [Server] Data from server and client handles
  • [Server] Disconnects handles
  • [Server] Dont lose data from accounts anymore
  • [Server] Detect character race and spawn correctly
  • [Server] When server down so shutdown all connections
  • [Server] Show more informations on console
  • [Server] Detect all players online and all players offline and handle each one.
  • [Server] Detect when player login and logout and save it.


  • [Client] Player now choose race in character criation
  • [Client] Health and mana regenerations now are visible from others clients
  • [Client] Player interface has add and fixed some glitchs
  • [Client] News resources and map fixes
  • [Client] Player canvas and camera fixed
  • [Client] Player collisions fixed
  • [Client] other misc fixes


Now the game administrator will be able to have different outfits of the players and other tags like as admin, gm, etc ...


More to come

Now that finished packing the problems that had previously, I will walk with the project. I will begin to develop the part of artificial intelligence of monsters, improve the interface, add more interaction between players such as chat balloon, inventory and other things, but it can take some time.

I'll start with the interactions of the player with the map, such as collecting items, finding NPCs and be able to evolve your character as the level system, distribution points and evolve their knowledge as you use each of them.

For example, more you use one-handed sword more you will evolve one-handed attributes, more potions you make more you will evolve alchemy attribute...

Contribute to the project

Anyone who wants to help in developing the project and believes it has the future will be able to make donations using paypal. I appreciate every possible help and even if you can not contribute money already appreciate the support of all the community.

Here the website to make a donation: eldertalesblog.wordpress.com

Thanks a lot!.


Wonderful! ;)

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