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The first looks at the concept art for the game!

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Hello everyone!

We are WitchCatGames and we are starting our development of Lyzzy.

Lyzzy is going to be a puzzle platformer where the main character, Lyzzy, tries to save a species of lizards from the brink of extinction.

The game is being developed by our team :

Pedro Soares - Game Designer

Catarina Jerónimo - Game Artist

Romeu Fialho - Game Developer

Here are the first few concept arts our artist came up with:

First concept for a background:

Lyzzy DevBlog1 Picture1

And some of the objects and platforms in the levels:

Lyzzy DevBlog1 Picture2

And finally some initial mock-ups for the main character:

Lyzzy DevBlog1 Picture3

Lyzzy DevBlog1 Picture4

Lyzzy DevBlog1 Picture5

We hope that you'll stay around and see this game blossom into the flower we know it can be.

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