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Forward to the Sky, updating scene art and more mechanisms!

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We've finally have some time to get used to each others.
Things are going on good way, however, we are also getting tired working in the morning and making game in the night.
Especially for those having terrible tiring boring day work, ha ha... ( ̄﹁ ̄)|||

Anyway, the game is in good progress, so don't worry.

Things done recently:
Logo design.
Art of scene is growing.
Music is working on the right way.
And most of all, the gameplay ( stage design ) are getting better since we've introduced more traps and mechanisms.

Starting from the Logo, Nori did a great job again!
Look at the following Logo process, the early designs are cute, but don't look like a good Logo, Princess' eyes are capturing too much attention and the pose is boring. We discussed and tried many modification, and finally, can't be more satisfied to the latest version:

The scene art, Kay is working on it.
We plan to make the scene really look like a something, not just things putting together. After struggling through a week or more to find the right style, we've finally got it work. Starting from fixing current assets, once they are done, more are going to be added to grown the ruin.
You can see the comparison, significant difference.

Also, since last we've got so many nice music examples that help us a lot, Chris has came out a great one as well.
It is in progress, but really nice, mixing mood of relaxing and exciting, amazing.

Finally, let's see the mechanisms we've added to the game!
The switch, what you see is how you use it:

And something specially, the button, jump and push!

Ha ha, you don't really have to jump for this one, just walk and press through it.The button art isn't ready, but that's how it works , and there are going to be variants of button in different ways to get triggered or interacted, expect to see them!

The game, we are planing to have 9 levels ( stages ), now is about 3 ready in the first round, and we are going to fix them in the 2nd round to make them more fun.

That's what we got for now, if you got any idea ( art, music, traps, mechanisms ... whatever ), share it and maybe we'll put it into the game!

blackdragonstory - - 1,796 comments

Are you going to add Boss characters for each level?

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Wei.Chen Author
Wei.Chen - - 168 comments

Ha ha, I like all your questions, now and before!

The answer was no.

We want to make it, but considering the time and budget. We didn't expect to make this game in a long run, which could cause the project to fail easier.
But things are changing recently, we are going to consider about this later, after more progress.

I am going to write a more detailed article about the plan recently, to explain it better.

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blackdragonstory - - 1,796 comments

I have been in game development for some time so I can recognize a project that has great potential.
I look forward in reading that article :)

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Wei.Chen Author
Wei.Chen - - 168 comments

Done, finally! Magic-nology.com
That's pretty much how I think, tell me how you think ( if any ) after reading, thanks.

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doppl3r - - 196 comments

I saw the prototype video a while back for this game. Tracking :D

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Kyou. - - 920 comments

Sexy logo looks very good I must say.

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Wei.Chen Author
Wei.Chen - - 168 comments

I describe it as handsome cute!
Happy you like it.

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GrindCrushLLC - - 81 comments

Nice style! :)

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