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Post news RSS Sands of Myth demo v001 released

Playable level from the game is now available for download.

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In the last week a lot of work has gone into a single level from Sands of Myth to prepare it for a demo release. You can now download and play this level from the game.

The demo level is complete in its physical size but there are still a lot of adjustments needed and no parts of the story have been implemented. If you simply run through it will be a short experience so feel free to look around and discover what's inside the houses.

A few small graphical bugs are present but the game should run fine on any Windows pc. If it fails to run you probably have a very old DirectX build installed that needs to be updated.

Anubis guarding the city Attacking guard

I hope you will try out this early demo and that you share what you think of it in the comments. I would love to hear your opinions and if the game runs well on your pc.

Da_Gamer911 - - 32 comments

It was okay for a pre-alpha. Ill be interested to see what you do with it.
My 2 major beefs/glitches are 1. One time i ran towards the rock boundries and jumped and went flying 50 feet into the air, but that was once and i couldnt do it again, and 2. PLEASE change the jumping sound. it was way too sexual souding, i was afraid my parents were gonna come in thinking i was watching porn or something. Also i picked up a map thing that i didnt know what it was and did not tell me if i could use it or something

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Bioknight - - 119 comments

very good game, but how Da_Gamer911 said, the jumping sound was sexual and i had luck, that my parents weren`t in the house. Does it give distance weapons in the full version?

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Scurvy_Lobster Author
Scurvy_Lobster - - 81 comments

Thanks for the comments everyone! The jumping sound will be up for a change :)

The reason a useless scroll can be found in the level is that story elements are going to be connected to these. I still haven't decided exactly how but it's something that is going to add more depth to the game.

I have planned three melee weapons for the game up until now but I am hoping to make a projectile version of one of these. It will probably have a magical Egyptian feel to it and be in the late part of the game. A problem with the spear in the demo is the speed - it's too fast and I want to make the forward thrust feel heavy and slow. This will also make it more distinct from the other planned weapons.

/Scurv :)

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FPSGamer - - 195 comments

Checked the demo...seems good...
I hope there will be more than one weapon,playing with a single weapon the whole game is boring.There you can use slingshot or rocks
Keep up the good work.

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joshrules599 - - 519 comments

uh-oh, There is a brick! No matter, I will just jump over it! UHH UHH UHH UHH! XD You need to change that! lol good game though. 8/10

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Ahven[FIN] - - 10 comments

Very nice. Little more eyecandy and you should do fine. I like the last 2 secs of the demo when everything turns black. Gets scary.

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Da_maniaC - - 78 comments

Looking pretty good!
Especially the NPC's and their animation looked nice imo.
I could comment on how the ambient fire sounds are very loud but since they are one of the the few sounds in the game yet theres nothing to compare it with. (Next to that its a pre-alpha and easily changed so).
A HUD and explenation on items is the next mandatory thing missing, but since the game is very early in development theres nothing much to blame. :)

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leilei - - 5,721 comments

anubis chest skin reminds me of kenneth scott's q3 work alot

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