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You now have 2 mod slots in your inventory to equip mods. Mods can be crafted in the Mod Workbench (new buildable item).

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Sand Alpha 0.6.1

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Suit Powers

You now have 2 mod slots in your inventory to equip mods. Mods can be crafted in the Mod Workbench (new buildable item).

Hold space to active equipped mods and either left or right mouse button to activate (depending on which slot you have the mod equipped in).

Mods use suit power/energy (which recharges over time). You'll see a white border around your health icon. This is your power level. Max power/energy and recharge rate is based on players TECH skill.

  • Sand Wall - Click and hold to 'draw' a temporary wall the blocks enemies and bullets. It is possible to trap enemies (and yourself) in the walls.

  • Sand Trap - Click to create an area that slows down anything that enters it.

  • Glass Ball - Only damage mod I've added. Click and hold to charge up a heated ball of sand (glass) and release to create a ball that will exploded on impact with and enemy

  • Sand Clone - Create a sand clone/decoy that enemies will attack instead of you (if the decoy is closer to them). Right now you can create multiple, but I might change it to do only one at a time.


  • Training Dummy can now be built to test weapons. It has unlimited life.

  • Mod Workbench to craft mods. You'll probably have to find the mods or their blueprints in the future and then build them at the work bench.

  • Recycle: You can now scrap items from your inventory to get P of the material used to craft it. This is added ahead in anticipation of the enemies drop gear.

  • Added camera mouse follow. I'll make this an option later. I was just testing it out. Let me know if you hate it.

Bug Fixes:

  • Several things couldn't be built after last update. Those should all be fixed now.
  • If the player opened the game without extracting from the zip file it would mess the file structure up and cause the game to open with a blank base file. This could not be fixed with the reset game button. Now the button will fix it.


Rarity and Stats added will be added to gear. The rarity will affect how many different stats will be added as well as a slight buff in damage or defense. There is a formula, that depends on the players intellect, that will determine the chance of rarity when crafting or finding an item. Right now all items are made at common rarity adding no extra benefits.

Enemies have a chance to drop weapons/armor they are holding. I almost put this in this update but I ran out of time.

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