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Run For Cover received 2 exciting updates in the recent weeks. These updates added a checkpoint system, more abilities, a character sheet and a challenge mode!

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Update #31 introduces 2 checkpoints to the game. A small animation in the corner indicates that a checkpoint was triggered and that the game just stored your progress permanently. The last checkpoint is loaded when restarting the game or by clicking 'Continue' in the main menu. You can still play without checkpoints by clicking on the 'Challenge' button in the mission selection. The challenge mode is only slightly harder than the story mode for now.



The Changes of Version #31

  • the progress is now stored in story mode via 2 checkpoints
  • the challenge mode is slightly harder now
  • character customization is now stored
  • added spawn animations to the units of the player
  • added a slider to speed up animations
  • added more ammunition to the rifle and pistol
  • shortened some animations
  • the reload icon is highlighted when the unit is out of ammunition


Update #32 features 5 new perks and a brand new character screen that shows your character stats. A photo of your customized character is created and used as a new UI element to indicate your current selection. Enemies are now only using grenades when already wounded, giving the player more strategies to prevent damage.


The Changes of Version #32

  • added a character screen that shows your stats
  • added a new UI element showing the unit that is currently selected
  • new perk 'Weakpoint': deals extra damage to wounded enemies
  • new perk 'Grenade Defense': reduces incoming grenade damage by one
  • new perk 'Last Shot': the last bullet / shell will cause critical damage
  • new perk 'Grenade Disable': attacks will prevent enemies from using grenades
  • new perk 'Tough': adds the ability to reduce incoming damage to one
  • added a new enemy type to the military encampment
  • enemies use grenades only when wounded, giving the player strategies to prevent damage
  • fixed an issue with the 'Continue' button being available for Mission 2 and Mission 3


Check out Run For Cover on Steam!

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