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Torches can generate now! Post-Dream scoring is added, and there's a new weapon called the Karambit!

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Version 0.7.4 added a good bit, so here's the whole changelog!

Youtube Devlog

This video doesn't go over all the changes, but it does go over the major additions.


  • Torches are now generated along the walls of the Labyrinth. These have the functionality to burn enemies, so long as they aren't immune. Torches are able to be knocked off a wall by physically attacking them with your weapon, which can be used to launch a torch at a distant enemy. In addition to this, torches have a small chance to spawn as enlarged torches, meaning the player can wield them just like any other weapon. The Torch is the first weapon in the game to have an elemental factor, fire. Feel free to burn enemies now.
  • There is now a game over screen shown to the player when they complete a run through(either by dying, or completing the game). This screen shows stats like what killed you, and the amount of enemies that you killed. These stats add score to the players final score. Hopefully this will encourage some people to take on the challenge of getting a higher score after completing the game once. On top of all this, it displays one of many tips/tricks for those players who need to learn a little more about the game.
    • As an addition to the scoring system, there is a dream journal next to the players bed. The journal is where the player will keep track of their highest scoring dream along with what got them the score.
  • New weapon suggested by a player on the official discord: The Karambit.
    • This is the quickest attacking weapon, and very strong considering its multiple attacks, though it lacks heavily in the range aspect, so you have to be very close to the foe. This is the only weapon in the game so far that actually manipulates the players position by applying force forward when the player swings. This is also the only weapon that hits twice in a single attack. This weapon has incredible vertical range with its last attack.
  • There has been a good bit of optimization that's gone on under the hood.
  • Pots are now generated around the dungeon. Currently, they do not serve any purpose, other than an obstacle and to add more to the bare Labyrinth.
  • There are new status effects for the player and enemies alike; Burning, and Freezing. The player and enemies can acquire these through the same methods. Burn is- effectively- a more serious poison. Freezing, on the other hand, limits your mobility severely and prevents you from attacking. This is the same for enemies too.
  • Gravity is increased, but the power behind the player's jump is increased along with it.
  • If you're using a controller to play, your most recently picked up item will automatically be highlighted in the equipment screen.
  • Enemies shouldn't spawn on top of other enemies/chests now.
  • The knockback is slightly adjusted. Enemies can now have a "knockback absorption rate", indicating how much they resist knockback. The only enemies that make use of this as of now are the Golems, who have a 100% absorption rate, meaning not even critical hits from Hammers can send them flying.
  • Changed the generating text to "Falling to sleep...", to fit with the overall theme of the game.
  • Mimic spawn rate is slightly increased. And as an addition, you can now bat away the bombs they throw out. Bombs also do a bit more damage to enemies, so try and lure them over to the bombs for an easy kill.
  • Adjusted spawn rates for treasures, they're less common, and due to their rarity, weapon Chambers are now guaranteed to have a chest. I've also powered up a few select items:
    • Fiery Essence can now burn flammable enemies like Slimes and Mimics.
    • Magical Lamp has a little more jump power behind extra jumps.
    • Boots now increase speed by 5% as opposed to the previous 3%.
    • Scarf increases attack speed by 3% instead of 2%.
    • Rabbit's Foot effectiveness increased from 2% to 3%.
    • While not found in treasure Chests, the Golem Fragment item now gives 15% to attack, defense, and speed.
  • Several bug issues were fixed, reported by the community. Along with some minor tweaks not worth mentioning, pretty sure.
Give the new version a shot: Indiedb.com

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