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We have an official release date for Rogue Invader (for realsies this time). We can't wait to get you all invading!

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As the article title says, we have an official release date

DEC 15, 2021!

We've been squashing bugs and have all the features finalized.

  • Our Lady Space Marines have joined the fight (Finally, had their sprites ready for years, but were able to get them integrated just this last month).
  • Talents - Every marine has random positive or negative talents (well, some few have none, cuz, some just aren't born with it ;)
  • Weapon Mods allows a shoulder mounted weapon to act like a shotgun, with a freeze effect. Frozen enemies can be used as cover >:)
  • Core Worms, Leeches and Bots all fight each-other. Natural enemies remain as such. Not everything is against ONLY you.

Save the Invasion Date

Dec 15, 2021

on Steam for Mac / PC

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