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In the year 2114, Earth is running out of food! Join Roboplant Industries and build a hydroponic far.

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Beebop says helloooooo

Roboplant Industries are seeking the very best business minds to advance our new agricultural venture. We have developed an exciting new method of food production, with the aim of feeding Earth’s gigantic population (20 billion and still growing!). We invite you to develop your very own hydroponic farm from a tiny landing pad into a sprawling commercial empire.

Are we there yet?

We’ll provide you with access to our team of trusty robot workers, the Beebop 179, who are programmed to carry out the tasks you assign to the very highest standard. However, they’re not just mindless droids. You must give them the respect they deserve and ensure their needs are met without delay or run the risk of strike action and workers’ revolts! So long as you avoid exploiting them, the Beebop 179 will aid you in the varied tasks and challenges of your new role. This includes planting, picking, and packaging your produce, researching new technologies and farming techniques, and advising on accounting decisions that will shape the course of your journey with us here at Roboplant Industries.

Time for a salad!

You’ll oversee everything from building the factory, growing delicious fruit and vegetables to take to market, managing major contracts, and avoiding random space events that threaten to raze your beautiful empire to the ground – easy! Oh, and you’ll have to relocate to Mars, but don’t worry, we’ll subsidise your flight.

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