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We've released 3 images showing top down views of the 3 main multiplayer maps in Robocraft so you can use them to plan how you're going to approach the battle with your Platoon.

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We've released these three top down images of the main multiplayer maps that currently feature in Robocraft.


Will you take the East side path and get in round the back of the enemy base? Will you go "route one" and use the extruded mountains that resulted from the central meteor crater impact for cover?


Will you form a Platoon with your friends and attack the enemy base by owning the territory of the central valley? or will you use a defensive member from your Platoon to block the main bridge route whilst you flank and take out the incoming ground units?

Top down level maps for Robocraft


Will you take your Hover Blades onto the sheet ice lake to destroy any foolish wheeled tanks on their way to your base, and have fun watching them slip and slide on the surface whilst you manoeuvre with your blades and pick them off one by one?

Top down level maps for Robocraft

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