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Post news RSS Road to Alpha: Minor Release Delay and New Features

Slight release delay to April 15th with more bugfixing, polishing and additional features such as Offline Protection.

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Hi Galactic Survivalists,

As the headline already states - we decided to slightly postpone the public release of Empyrion Galactic Survival Alpha 1.0. No worries, the delay is only for a week: next Friday, April 15th will be the big day!

We want to dedicate the extra time towards additional bug fixing and to get some of the newer features more polished. However, we are not only into squashing more bugs but we will also add more features in addition to the already announced features.

Have a look at the additional features that will be integrated into the Alpha:

- First integration of Offline Protection: Build the offline protection device and your PvP area base and CVs will be save when you log off (same applies to factions, when no faction member is around on the server any more; eventually leading to a full shield-feature in later Alpha development stages!)
- Tier 2 drill that auto-collects ore (available at Tech Tree Level 7)
- New loot for POIs (No spoilers of the contents here. Sorry ;-)
- All plants in the wild now re-grow after being harvested (if you discover a nice spot of helpful plants, come back later and harvest them again!)
- Slider for all lights for setting Intensity and Range individually
- Added new material-related textures for the Texture Tool (each material now has a defined set of “own” textures plus a few that are shared between all materials. This opens up the possibility to have even more textures added in the future!)
- New enemy drone model
- Survival constructor gets a radar- and planet-map marker (so you won’t lose track of where you set it up when venturing around)
- Your player model can now hold its breath for up to 10 seconds under water (without helmet)
- When de-constructing blocks, the items you collect are now shown in your HUD
- New easy to craft food item made out of sea weed (a lot of underwater plants now have nice goodies to collect)
- Bandages (as an easy to craft alternative to small medi kits)
- Quality Settings Fast-Good-Best technically refined. ("Fast" now nearly has every eye candy deactivated and render distances reduced)
- Warp Drives now use Pentaxid crystals as a fuel (added to an individual placeable warp drive tank)
- You can now use your own bases as random POIs for planetary playfields!

The new drone model in action:


You probably want to meet the drone when it is in this state:


The active Offline Protection:


The Offline Protection Device:


The new set of textures:


The new set of loot containers:


From left to right: common, rare, very rare and ultra rare.

Finally, as the remaining days need to be filled with some creative tasks, we ask all our players to think about new sets and additions for the “starter blueprints” in the Blueprint Library!

As soon as the Alpha v1.0 is released and everyone has all the new building, texturing and coloring features and blocks at hand, we’ll start a new round of “Get Your Design In TheGame!”

We are looking forward to the release.


Empyrion Dev Team

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