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Post news RSS River Town Update #2 - Feeding Chickens [VIDEO]

The game is progressing pretty fast. This time I am delighted to show you the implementation of feeding animals. By the way, it's my very first time to upload the game's video!

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As I have mentioned in the previous note, Animals System was the first in the queue of features to be implemented next. For now, the player is able to purchase an animal (chicken and cow for now) in the local store and take care of these by feeding and collecting goods.

Taking care of the chickens is relatively simple and requires throwing some food on the ground. Each chicken, however, expects a certain amount of food everyday in order to function properly. If player takes care of his dependants systematically, his Sympathy level might go up, which makes the chicken require more food, but gives better quality goods in return.

Here is a little teaser for you to enjoy:

Aaand here is the another main character concept art drawn by Enzouke, an artist with utterly amazing skills.

What's next?

The next step is a food bar showing the level of hunger in a pleasant way.
Once the Animals System is done, I'll be reimplementing game controls:

- Click to move (double click to run)
- Left/Right/Up/Down arrows to move around (Shift for run)
- Action sequences (something similar to how it works in The Sims).

And as usual, I kindly encourage you to track the project on IndieDB, as well as follow River Town fanpages to keep yourself updated on the latest project's progress. I really appreciate it, and it motivates me to even harder work!

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